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Thread: Possible national soma shortage?

  1. Default Possible national soma shortage?

    I was having a discussion with a patient that he can’t fill his Generic Soma (Carisoprodol 350mg By Watson or Teva, Qualitest has zero Soma made in second quarter so far due to some bidding issues.) So, I simply called Caremark, OptumRx, Costco and asked who has what: not a single Pharmacy in LA has Soma, brand not available since last year, generics all on back order. Anyone else has issues with refills of Soma?

    I tried calling FDA, but it’s a Saturday and usually I get emails about national drug shortages, recalls etc. On another note Indian Soma and it’s quality was much underestimated. I am sure there are many illicit manufacturing shabangs in India, but there is one type of soma I personally used don’t recall how I got my hands on it (it was for sure bought online) I also do shop online for supplements and medicine and nothing wrong with it, but Aurobindo Soma is very good and it was shipped to me from Mumbai (maybe) pills are regular size, but unlike as Us Soma Indian Soma usually 500mg and made by their subcontractor Centurion. That is the only Soma I tried and felt the intended skeletal muscles relaxation (well maybe some smooth Muscles gotbrelaxed too, but it was more of a diet issue hehe.) Anyway, wrapping up here, anybody else knows anything about shortage of Soma in the US or it’s Commiefornia issue only. Thank you much!!!
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