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Thread: What Made You Frown Today?

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    Nothing too crazy for me here, I know a lot of others have it much worse than I do, but just little things today that made me catch a cry in my throat for no real reason I woke up with a cold that I caught from my husband, I've been struggling lately with a lot of bad depression for weeks, and hating my job so much. My dogs played in the mud outside literally right after I cleaned the floors today. They snuck into an area that they aren't supposed to play in and got so dirty!! Ugh. So I was none too happy about that (cleaning floors and a runny nose is not the best combo but I guess if anything drips on the floor, you end up cleaning it right up!! Lmao). I also have a letter stuck in pre-shipment for like 10 days and I have no idea if and when it will get here.

    I also don't feel like going to work tomorrow and dealing with the public, but I have Tuesday and Wednesday off, so that's a plus. I'm mildly bitter because my husband has had basically almost the entire month of December off of work (PTO, then holiday time off, and starting a new job after the New Year) meanwhile holiday season is my busiest season and I'm working 60 hour work weeks as a salaried employee. No overtime or extras. I want a nice long week off to clean my house, regroup and re-energize, but that won't be happening for who knows how long. I'm beyond burned out with this stupid job. But I don't know what to do or where to go from here. Guess I need to take some time to figure that out.

    I just wish my letter would show up, this cold would go away, and that winter depression didn't have such a grip.

    I hope 2019 is much better for all of us.
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    I feel the same way. Back to the stupid job tomorrow, off Tuesday, and back Wednesday. I usually do my best to fake a smile, but I don’t think I can work up that kind of energy. I keep applying for anything that come up that I would at least enjoy somewhat, it is discouraging that nothing has come from my efforts. I had the start of the grossest cold last night. I had taken Benadryl so no runny nose but it was so disgusting. I could feel something stuck where the nasal cavity and throat meet. I tried gargling, saline nose spray repeatedly blowing my nose. I couldn’t stop coughing because whatever was stuck was in the exact spot and nothing was clearing it. So I went back to bed and slept sitting up so I didn’t feel like I was choking to death. It is still there today, but not nearly as bad as it was last night. I am hoping a nice cup of tea will help before bed.
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    My husband’s alarm going off twice an hour befote I need yo get up for work.

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    Glass splinter in my middle finger, too small to see, but when I touched it I about jumped out of my seat.

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    @Juno08 I am struggling with the exact same things that you are. attachmentphp?attachmentid50156 - What Made You Frown Today?.
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    @DW4210 I'm sorry to hear that! I'll be sending good vibes your way. I was so happy to have the last couple of days off. Today was a bit nicer because my husband finally went back to work, and I got a day to myself to get out of the house for a bit, just doing things I like to do and doing a little retail therapy lol. I'm determined to turn my attitude around, and start off 2019 with a positive mindset. I've been in a grumpy mood all week, partly because of my stupid cold, then my letters just sitting around (they still are sitting around too - GRRR). I hope the next week turns itself around for both of us!

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    @Juno08 Iam ok. I am working on my attitude and enjoying my time away from work. I have neglected my own happiness and I really don’t have to. My letter should start moving tomorrow or the day after, I hate the wait, but I had to find some new resources and so far I have one that I am testing out now. Still on the look out for a backup plan. I should have planned ahead and had a cushion, but I always have a gap between refills and I don’t want to do that anymore, it isn’t good for me at all. I was thinking about all of my past scripts and I just don’t want to go explain to the Dr and be put under the microscope and I feel confident that I will be able to find it with the exception of 1, but I have enough of that to see if it is going to benefit me and if need be and there are no other options I will go get a script and let them cut off something that is easier to find. I just don’t want the Dr, pharmacy or the government into my private information. They have started stepping over the boundaries that I am comfortable with. So just focusing on living my best life that I
    have neglected. I am glad you had time for yourself today, sounds like we both need to sort ourselves and be happier this year. Oh, the
    picture of the brown dog, Jett, is actually a white dog with black spots and he loved getting muddy, if we weren’t fast enough he would
    run and jump on the bed. Crazy!

    Take care of you and keep us posted when you get your letter. It is always good to know how long they are taking to arrive and if you
    had a good experience. I will do the same
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    I know I am not the only one. Who can relate to that happy feeling that I get when I request a script refill approval sent to the pharmacy. Then call the pharmacy to verify when it will be ready and hear them say it is too soon and not available for 3 days. It is hard to explain in words, but kind of like the moment your balloon hits a pin and pops. Immediately deflated disappointment.
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    I received some very upsetting information today. Please keep 2 small children in your prayers, who through no fault of their own have lost their parents, grandparents and uncle. Only God knows what they have seen in their short lives and I pray for their safety, physical and mental health.

  11. today when i got up looked at myself in the mirror realized that fat % on my face, tummy and on entire body has been increased. and it doesn't look like i used to be at when i was in 8th standard. totally lean and muscled. it felt frown.

    happy new year all.

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    My dog pooped on the stairs on the way up to my door inside our building again. First A Star Is Born is snubbed at the Golden Globes tonight and then this. I’m frowning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KarMar View Post
    My dog pooped on the stairs on the way up to my door inside our building again. First A Star Is Born is snubbed at the Golden Globes tonight and then this. I’m frowning.
    OMG yesterday I thought I was gonna lose it, I had spent the previous evening laughing carelessly at a story I saw shared on FB about some guy and how his puppy pooped in the middle of the night and his Roomba ran over it (along with his toddler). Well, karma hit me tenfold yesterday, one of my dogs had a poop blowout in the middle of the living room Then, an hour or so later after all was cleaned up, I'm in the laundry room folding clothes, and minding my business when suddenly my foot starts to feel very warm. I look down and my little dog is just having a blast peeing away on my foot. Neither of them tend to have accidents very often in the house so it was just my luck that they both did yesterday!!

    I haven't seen A Star is Born yet and I want to! I also want to see Bohemian Rhapsody!
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    I hope the entire dog poop thing isn’t contagious and spread through the forum. That would definitely be a hard core frown!
    I want to see Bohemian Rhapsody, I think I had a 45 record of Another One Bites the Dust when I was very young. Maybe 7...
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    DH & DS going to be away for the weekend. I am just not feeling it and don’t want them to go, but it would be selfish to say it. I don’t want them to go... hard core frown for uncomfortable clothes, rush hour traffic and teenagers (specifically my teenager).
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    Have to work an extra 3 hours today. Not fun but I’m almost done. So my frown should be turning upside down real soon. Lol.

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    Frowning because I have to go back to work tomorrow. The weekends always go to fast. I need to have a reminder to myself why I love my job, I would even settle to wake up on time with a positive attitude each day. I just need to reprogram my brain to be more positive and look forward to the future. The same with rewriting my brain to stop and shutdown.

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    Not anyone

    Prob should purchase lottery ticket! Yah

    Quote Originally Posted by artemis View Post
    There done!

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    That feeling when you take a pill and it feels like it is stuck in your throat and you might choke. It seems like it is stuck and I can never get it to move no matter how much water or hot tea I drink. Does anyone know why that even happens? It can happen if I drink a bunch of water or not.

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    The porch steps, sidewalks and roads are a sheet of ice. I thought I was going to fall just walking to my car... the car was completely iced over from windows down. Yikes!

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    The bank canceled my debit card today without telling me or sending me a new one, based on a discussion before Christmas that would have been good info to have before I ordered food in the cafeteria and embarrassing myself. Hard core frown.

  22. What Made You Frown Today?
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