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Thread: sinus meds + remedies!

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    looking for input on what works for you? has anyone had success with sovereign silver?

    any news on generic versions of 12-hour Mucinex that should now be available in generic? i haven't seen anything.
    I don't know if you had a chance to try the Xlear nasal spray, or the Xlear Max, both are great. There is another I tried called Sinus Plumber. It has tincture of Horseradish, Capiscum (which is cayenne extract), Eucalyptus tincture, and Wintergreen tincture. It is all natural based, and is indicated for congestion, headaches, and allergies. It is a little bit nastier than the Xlear Max, but it works like a charm. If you ever ate wasabi at a sushi restaurant, it isn't that bad, but the horseradish works. My favorite is still the Xlear Max, but I just reordered a second Sinus Plumber. All of them are on Amazon, and for me, the best part is the instant relief, and absolutely no chance of rebound congestion, which is common with most of the OTC sprays, like Afrin. I do keep Afrin around, but try not to use it. The Homeopathic ones I mentioned all work great. In the mean time, I hope you found some relief!
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  3. not yet but i plan on it. thank @M77!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluu View Post
    not yet but i plan on it. thank @M77!
    Good luck, and let everyone know if you find it them as effective as I do. I obviously don't shy away from real meds, if needed, but I love the fact that these are completely natural, and I have experienced that rebound congestion thing actually happen to me. I don't remember which brand, but a name everyone would know.

    If I remember correctly, it was a brutal allergy season, with crazy pollen counts. I used one of the OTC sprays (this was way before they had oral allergy meds) and of course that stuff works well, but after allergy season was over, I was waking up with really annoying congestion, for no apparent reason. My GP told me about "rebound congestion," and the rest is history. I'm pretty sure, if Big Pharma had a formula that was not causing rebound congestion, they would never bring it to market. Why sell a one time nasal spray, when you can have millions of people repeat purchasing their main OTC products. That said, I do keep a "traditional" nasal spray in the house, which I know I mentioned earlier. I have been able to not use it, thanks to these natural products. I like the Afrin No drip, and it is good stuff, but if you can avoid it, it makes sense. Again, I hope you are feeling better!!!

    PS: Almost all of the OTC sprays have different branding, but the exact same active ingredients, just like so many other things. I think there are two, or three, main types. Best to compare ingredients, and not get ripped off for a more recognizable name brand, and just grab the least expensive, with the same ingredients.

    I only mention this, because you can try to compare at a retail pharmacy chain, or Supermarket, but who has the time and patience to look at all of them. That's why I love Amazon. You can see the labels, zoomed in, and easy to read. Even if you don't get it at Amazon, you will still be prepared for the right one, if you prefer getting it at a retail store.

  5. sinus meds + remedies!
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