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Thread: For Those Who Take Benzos Regularly How Many Want to Stop?

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    Your doing really good @Binky! Keep it up. Your so right with dealing with problems head on. That's something I have to learn to do. I actually have cut back on my xanax use to. My anxiety was getting better. My younger sister and I made up. My Mom and I haven't been fighting. Now my anxiety is getting really bad again. I'm still trying not to take as many as I was. No I'm not perfect, but I hate the feeling of having a panic attack. It's got to be one of the worse feelings in the world. So I will take 1 or 2. It's better then what I was doing before. That was a really good idea by letting your Dad hold them for you.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Binky View Post
    Hello reachjeremy. I don't want to come off as holier than thou. I was on Xanax for over 17 yrs. and it saved my life for a long time. I think it's a good pill for anxiety and panic attacks and there are so many people that benefit from taking it. But in my case, I was abusing them and taking too many. It got to the point that my anxiety was made worse by taking so many. So, all I am saying is that for me, it was best to stop taking them. I am so glad they are working for you reachjeremy. They are a lifesaver for so many people.
    Yes they are not to be abused and can be dangerous if abused. Years ago I had two friends wreck their car because they took too many.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billyboy1965 View Post
    My apologies. My post was not directed to you, directly, although I quoted you and used "you" instead of they. I was relaying my thinking as members know it.

    You will not get banned. Don't for a minute think that posting your opinions, contrary or not, will get you banned. Please, everybody is entitled to their opinions.

    Suggestions for sobriety are wide and varied. I call it as I see it. I'm human; I'm not perfect. I am not "steppish." I'm for whatever works.

    The first step to sobriety is realizing and saying out loud, "I am an addict, or I am an alcoholic." If that's not you, you have nothing to be concerned about and my post is irrelevant.

    No offense was directed to you personally and I hope you'll accept my apology for not being clear. The reason I responded was because you were happy to find this board, for help and support.

    EDIT: You are a new member. Should you continue to read my posts, you'll find @SpaceMatters labeled me as brusque. A dear member who gained more respect than any single person on this board, @betsky (I always @ mention her. Although I'm not spiritual, we formed a friendship and I believe she will see this) called me a "butthead."
    No hard feelings, @billyboy1965

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rachizzle View Post
    @mase , you used the word "hella", awesome. Whenever I hear that word 9 out 10 times the person is from Nor Cal or hangs out with Nor cal people. I know it has spread, but nor cal folks use it in common speech more.

    anyways, it is good that you are starting the taper and it sounds like you have done some research. I have been able to get myself to the "use as needed" phase and I am okay with that. I think if I were going to completely go off, I would need real professional help.

    You really have come to the right place for support. There are lots of varying opinions about these things and I think the biggest value of this forum is knowing you are not alone. I love this forum because we are free to discuss these things that aren't discussed in normal everyday conversations. @billyboy1965 and I have not always agreed on every thing. But trust me, he knows what's up.
    Ha! You are correct, @Rachizzle - I do hail from the Bay Area originally

    I am hoping to get to an "as-needed" place with benzos as well. I think that they have improved my life and my ability to manage discomfiting emotional states but I don't want to be dependent on them daily. I am trying to incorporate other coping strategies to manage my emotional ups and downs and the accompanying spazziness they can bring. But I also believe they have their place in my life. I just don't want them to have such a big place.

    And, yes, I do feel like I've stumbled, unexpectedly, on a good place for support and am grateful for everyone's input.
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    The process of recognizing when the use of any substance has become a "problem" is different for just about everyone. Health problems, legal problems, relationship problems, financial problems, etc. are all potential warning signs that something needs to change.
    While changing your use of these substances can often be a problem in itself, it is at least one that almost always leads to solving the others.
    In my experience, the first ones to recognize when use has turned into abuse are the users themselves. That's when ideally reality needs to enter the equation and corrective action taken.
    From reading some of the posts on this and other threads, it appears that many folks participating on this discussion board clearly understand this and are making the necessary efforts to resolve their personal situations. Kudos to all of you. The alternative is not something I would wish for anyone.
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  6. Update: After finding a benzowise MD I crossed over to Valium and started the Ashton Protocol. My dosage was 40mg of Valium. When I got down to 25 MG I was admitted to the hospital for a condition unrelated to drug use. The doctor's at the hospital were aghast at the amount of Valium I was on and had no interest in hearing about the Ashton Protocol. They reduced my dosage to 6 MG daily. That was a steep cut however I had no side effects. The only other drug I was on was 100 MG of Neurontin. This experience does make me question super slow tapers. Anyway, I was released from the hospital 3 weeks ago, dropped 2 MG a week and now am off the Valium and decided not to return to my benzowise MD. Had I stayed with him it would be another year before I was fully off.

    I feel good, clear headed and my Husband is overjoyed to see me smile again and have his wife back.
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  7. I found a "Quack" Doctor, that I didn't mean to find - I just wanted to switch to him because he was cheaper and RX'd the Generic Subutex, instead of namebrand Suboxone, HUGE HUGE price difference.

    So I've had a battle with Benzos - and I'm talking 3 seizures from CTing... even had a seizure in a Detox unit taking Valium - scary stuff.

    So I was off them for 2 years... got 10 1mg. Eh, what the heck, took them throughout the weekend - just zoned out and ate Pizza and watched football all weekend.

    Monday night? Couldn't sleep. Tuesday? That electric shock feeling goign through my body. Followed by a week of horrible sleep. This is 2 years no benzos, and just a weekend 10mgs worth "binge"

    Anyhow, my new DR suddenly was a huge pusher. "Here, 32mg of Subutex, 4mg Xanax Daily, 30mg Temezepam nightly"

    My addict brain, while also battling GAD, was all "Sure!"

    When I mentioned to him that I think he's over RX'ing, and that everyone in the waiting room is on a very high dose of benzos... HE CUT ME. Just BAM. "You're no longer a patient." I filed a complaint with the Department of Health, and I hope he gets shut down. Just a pill pusher. Sad.

    So, I managed to get "dependent' on Benzos again... at a high quality. So My DR dropped me, and I searched High and Low and found an addiction specialist who is willing to Titrate me down, and do the Ashtons Manual - a 8-12 month program to get me off EVERYTHING. My appt is 3 weeks away. I spent $100 from a back-ally pharmacist (heh) for 50 Clonezapam. The longer half-life, etc.

    So I can survive until I get to the DR.

    Xanax is evil, IMO. Benzos in general should NOT BE LONG TERM. That is just my opinion. If you've been on Benzos for 3 months or more - you're hooked. You WILL SEIZURE if you stop Cold Turkey. and these things are only Schedule 4. "Very low potential for abuse" - yet, they're sweeping the Nation in ER visits and even, State-Ran-Detox Centers... if you tell them you're coming off of Benzos, BAM, immediately it's a 14 day program. Instead of a 3-5 day for everything else. I've been to 5 Detox Centers, from Oregon to FL, and if you say "Benzos" it's like Code-Red.

    Yuck. Can't believe I got myself in this situation. Pissing money away.

    Can't wait to break the chains from the Pharmaceutical Company WHO WANT YOU COMING BACK!

    Diet, Exercise, Healthy Brain, and Healthy Spirit and you can over-come this. My old DR, who was very new-age and Holistic, was VERY ANTI ANTI ANTI MEDS. The only reason I left him was because I wanted "cheaper" Subutex.. and he said He wouldn't write generic since "I'm trying to make this as difficult for you as possible so you understand that you can have a life without medicine, live to your full potential, without a crutch, without needing a "pill" every day - I remember him telling me "How many 50 year old daily narcotic users do you see? Are they attractive? They are mostly dead."

    I'm about to turn 30.... and I'm ready to be free.

    That rocked me, what my first Doctor said.
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  8. I take about 5 2 mg tablets a day sometimes 6 I need help or a supply

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    I have read research studies that indicate that for panic disorder specifically, it is, under proper medical care, "appropriate" to be prescribed a total daily amount of 10-12 mg of Alprazolam (Xanax) daily and to be taken t.i.d. or q.i.d. This would be incredibly rare and surely only the most extreme, documented cases and more than likely a script written by an actually MD, not a PAC or a nurse practitioner (as they are "supervised" and have very little, if any, control and are afraid that the supervisor/ doctor that watches them, might get on their ass." Everyone is different; but one must ask oneself, go the pros of this med outweigh the cons for your overall health and the 8 dimensions of health? Be safe, all. I'm curious to what "average" doses you've seen and what country or part of the US you're all from

  10. I switched from xanax to klonopin to diazepam and have been tapering off of that for some time now, I'm down to a very small amount, comparatively, and its been one of the hardest things I've ever done. The goal is only to use them for major panic attacks soon as I have my GAD much more in control these days. Here's hoping.

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    I would do anything for something other than benzos to get my anxiety under control. I've tried many alternative treatments and therapies. I don't understand how anxiety is so prevalent in our world and yet we have so few effective means to handle them.
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