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Thread: Xanax ?

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    I wasn't recommended Xanax for sleep. I was just giving advice that if the op wants a true script for it they need to see a psychiatrist and not a free clinic. I have severe hyper arousal insomnia, ptsd social anxiety disorder, panic attacks and bad nightmares from abuse. I was given a low dose to take a hour or two before bed to "calm" my brain and then I take my sleep med to go to bed. And next step is to add a antidepressant med to mix as we also add a PTSD med as well. Of course everyone is different and different strokes for different folks. Zoloft did nothing for me but I see for one works wonders. Everyone just has to find what works for them. But for the question in the thread you won't get a Xanax script from a free clinic not these days.
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    Hi, i wanted to know if anyone has tried Chinese Xanax 0.5mg? Personally i have never tried them before and i would like to know if anyone has experience taking them. I guess what i want to know is , the difference between your regular 0.5 Xanax compared with the Chinese Xanax.

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