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Thread: Will this make BitCoin unnecessary?

  1. Default Will this make BitCoin unnecessary?

    Hello, hello! Brother Sebastian has stopped by and is posting tonight from his online monastery (practicing social distance because of COVID-19, and all). I always have this nagging fear that my senior status will lapse, so I'm stopping by to say hello, and to meet my 90 day posting requirement.

    I haven't been on PR much, because I haven't had a need to purchase much. Truth is, there is one item (that I have a prescription for) that I need to purchase, but my supplier only takes BitCoin. And, I've been procrastinating, because where I live, buying BC is such a royal pain in the rear.

    I saw something on FaceBook tonight that said the new stimulus package will include the development of the "Digital Dollar" which goes in some sort of digital wallet. Maybe this will solve our problems with online purchases!

    Hope you all are well...and are staying germ free and safe!

    more later,

    Brother Sebastian
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  2. This will empower the government to track every penny you spend. Stay healthy
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