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    Honestly, If this wasn't true I wouldn't be reading it. I know 95 percent of the US could care less, well maybe less population speaking.

    I am truly scared or Andrew Cuomo, NYS, and the Loss of our TOTAL BILL OF RIGHTS within 20 years tops. I'd say the second amendment will be gone completely in half that if I had to guess. Especially in NYS where they are trying to manage a large city and a huge rural area with one set of laws which isn't possible or fair to either population of people. He lost 55 out of 62 counties last time he was elected I believe. The only counties that matter are Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island and Yonkers. In other words, the City Folk and the suburbs. The rest of us eat dirt and like it with a smile.
    New York is a state in the northeastern United States. New York was one of the original thirteen colonies that formed the United States. With an estimated 19.85 million residents in 2017,[4] it is the fourth most populous state. To differentiate from its city with the same name, it is sometimes called New York State.

    The state's most populous city, New York City makes up over 40% of the state's population. Two-thirds of the state's population lives in the New York metropolitan area, and nearly 40% lives on Long Island

    The sad part is the CIA selling more illegal weapons (and drugs) across the world than everyone else combined and everyone knowing it.

    PS. Then again kim jong un may start WW III before then.

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    Well I love NYC.
    We have a home in Englewood, NJ that I rent to my cousin. We take NY Waterway ferries over to Manhatten when we are there and have never had a bad experience.

    Besides all of the Wiki and bulletfirst info why are you telling us NY is a bad place? It is safer than cities like Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Louis and so many more.

    I do agree with that Long Island is not so nice, but it is the attitude of the residents.
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    I was not on the forum for a while and am catching up, and this thread caught my eye - in a big way.

    As a person born and raised in NYS and still residing here (in one of the 5 counties) I agree with @Figuretheworld45.

    Mr Andrew Cuomo has done many good things for NY but also suffers for the "Bloomberg" syndrome, which is forcing his own personal agenda on the people of the state. And the safe act back in Jan 2013 was pushed through in the middle of the night without the normal process. And if he is re elected he plans on a "Safe Act 2" which will tighten the restrictions more for the law abiding citizen

    The end result of that was it is easier (and always will be) for people who should not have firearms to get them and the people who follow the rules, get trained, pay the ridiculous fee's to get turned away. It is in the top 5 of the strictest states for prospective gun owners.

    But there are no laws or any type of actions to work towards getting them out or preventing criminals from obtaining them.

    If I could relocate I would but at this stage of my life it is not practical. I would move out to Long Island ( I do disagree with the comment on the attitude of the residents). Its beautiful out there and more 2A friendly than NYC.

    Nassau and Suffolk county officials do a better job of working for the people than in the 5

    But I do love many aspects of NYC and I grateful that I was raised here. Its just the politics and the self righteous attitude of the people in office is sickening. And yes, it is not just here but in many states.
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  4. Good for NYS, less traffic will be most welcome.

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    umm what is inbetween those that live in the City and the burbs? Do you mean Ghetto areas? I was under the impression they were being gentrified? I have visited Queens and I was surprised I was expecting it to be MUCH worse.. I recently heard Long islanders described as typical guido looking trash ( This was a particular group of people not LI as a whole but every area has negative stereotypes. I always thought NYC was one of the safest states? I don't see how owning a gun would make you less likely to be shot. Criminals who mug you for example are not going to give you a chance to grab your gun. Criminals that burgle your house just want your stuff not 25 to life for shooting you, unless they knew you were coming at them with your Gun, then it is shoot or be shot. I have never ran into any trouble in NY, but I avoid people that have a criminal and or unhinged mentality. People have made online threats to shoot this guy who leaches off some guy that lives very close to my NY apartment. So that does worry me. They guy they are threatening to shoot, should have got the Death Penalty not so much for murdering his drug dealer but for being a dried up old pedo that preys on young boys/men. Given how unstable this particular drug addict is, he is too deluded and / or high like most of his ilk to realise even the most desperate person under the age of 40 or a gay incel is going to feel icky and scared having a violent murderer and old used up bitter old ***** leering after them. They just want your tips and to keep thier Jobs but he is going to perv over or molest the wrong person. I have personally met a waiter that would have happily shot him if it were not for the law that waiter owns a gun given he has been in prison from later 90's to mid 20's for chopping up his drug dealer this old fool probably thinks cottaging is all fine and dandy and they should be honoured to have such a fine man approach/touch them he has reverted back to being a paedophile who thinks is sooo funny to make pedo art and give Ketamine to boy not old enough for middle school ( just for fun NO molesting took place this pedo wants to make clear) and p1ss in people drinks. Some people deserve to be shot, the issue is there is always extra victims from the shooter / anyone who sees it/ his mother/ the busy police dept/cost to the tax payers. I also agree with @Funkyfish YES I wish more people than the pedo and convicted murderer would move out of NY, it is far to over populated.

  6. Let me clarify somewhat. I lived in Highland Park, NJ for a long time and worked for a large pharmaceutical company. There are many wonderful things to see and enjoy in NYC. Excellent Museums, Statue of Liberty, Broadway Plays, the Bronx Zoo to name a few. Their are a ton of wonderful things to see and do in NYC.

    My point is you can't govern a huge city and a large rural area with the same set of laws. Especially in regards to the Second amendment and many other things. At least not in a fair and proper manner for both populations. Living in NYC and Upstate NY are like two different worlds literally.

    Then Again as our Esteemed Governor Andrew Cuomo put it: "He is the law" end of story in New York State as the city dominates who gets elected in New York State. I thought we had a legislative and judicial branch as well but he is a bully who fires or uses other tactics to force people out of NY if you don't agree with his policies. Egomaniac with Power. This is our government today. I wonder if anyone will ever wake up or just continue as lemmings?
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