I am not wise or or even very intelligent but I have been blessed to have been able to be in the presence and to learn from those that are. Most of what I share is not my own but comes from beings much wiser and more intellegent. So anyways I will share with you something very basic that I learned that has been very helpful to remove much of my suffering. When in the realm of thoughts there are two types of thoughts. There are selfish thoughts and there are selfless thoughts. Selfish thoughts ultimately are any that pertain to the ego sense, which we usually call the me in association with our body. All thoughts that we accept that are selfish eventually cause us some kind of suffering. Usually in the form of anger, fear, frustrations and stuff like that. Selfless thoughts will not be about the me, or how it affected me, or what’s in it for me, or pretty much any thought not about the me. These thoughts will never cause you harm and will alllow you to retain your natural state of peace and happiness. It is no easy task discriminating between thoughts it it has been very helpful and is something anyone is capable of. If you don’t believe that’s ok that’s actually good if you don’t. But I would urge you to find out. Investigate these thoughts. Find out which ones cause you to suffer and which ones allow you to have peace.