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    Does anyone have experience of treating pain with CBD? I’m hearing positive things about it, multiple benefits. My 4 year old Bulldog is on pain meds every day for severe hip dysplasia, I’d love to get him onto something natural, can’t stand the thought of him in pain though.

  2. I've also heard good things about CBD. I was looking into it for an older dog with arthritis and knee problems and also for a puppy with OCD issues; supposedly helps with pain, anxiety, mental imbalances, and a few other issued. Did a lot of research and was worried that most of the CBD products apparently don't really have the active ingredient. Dogs can't take human oils that contain THC, so generally the CBD oils are cannabidiol from hemp. But then there a lot of issues with that as most CBD comes from claimed foreign hemp and there is a lot of discussion that much of that is fake. I did track down a US based supplier with really good reviews: Charlotte's Web with their CW Paw Hemp Oil. Haven't gotten it yet as it seemed quite pricey but if my older dog get's worse I'll likely try a batch later this year.
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    How have you gotten on with this? I’m currently waiting on the first bottle I’ve ordered to arrive. Really hoping Imit makes a difference. Good luck with your situation too ????????

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    My dog has general anxiety and separation anxiety and a friend who is a vet tech recommended trying CBD oil. I’m wondering if there is anyone out there who can recommend a particular brand?
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  5. My lil dog is 14 and he willingly takes his Cbd now. I know it tastes bad (although flavored ‘cheese and bacon ‘) but it helps his little hips and walking. I get it from the same store as mine. Expensive but worth it !

  6. Some uses cbd oil and they find it effective and promotes relaxation for cats and dogs. I haven't tried it yet and I'm still gaining more information about its safety and doses.

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