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Thread: large dog with pain

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    How old is your dog?
    Sounds odd I know-- have you had an MRI though? Did I miss that part?

    I cried over my dog. Docs would not help and I gave my dog my meds and I have ZERO regrets since I found out not much later FINALLY- she was leaving soon. Cancer.

    Don't let your dog suffer. I am not saying to give your pet hard meds but if you know, and if you know your dog you kind of do, then don't let doggie suffer.

    Why must our beloved friends suffer anymore than a human (which is already pathetic at times)?

    Do all you can to find out everything and spend the $. I had a large breed. I swear I just heard her low tone "bored" bark tonight and the other person with me heard something but would could not figure it out or say I was wrong.

    Take care of FIDO like you would your family- perhaps even better.

    If one is not positive of the issue- it's tough to treat. Find out, treat, and do the right thing.

    I hope all this CBD helps but I hate to say it did zippo for any person I know that used it personally or doggie if it was SERIOUS it nature. Lord I wish it had helped me and/or doggie. I am not being negative- I am a realist and it's not fair for a loving person or animal to suffer.

    Good luck and wish u the best.

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