Please------go with me here as I try to say and talk about something that I seem to deal with every day of my life. I know one friend who can not leave a cat who they feel is homeless, but is already overwhelmed with other pets and when confronted with a rational idea like take it to a shelter or let it be---because she is running down her house and cant afford to care for the cats she has----she says "Love is all it needs. "I can really understand that------as I purposely dont go where stray cats may be.

I also know someone who buys expensive coats for her pet dogs and treats her one cat like its a queen--brush teeth---wear fancy clothes-so on---if her one cat needed see would and could spend thousands allowing cat get false teeth-"if possible"==========and yes its opposite of first person but still the same---both love animals and they do what they can to meet that inside desire to have to love animals-

OKOK____so whats my point here-----------i am not going to bore you with the many other stories i have of myself and others who risked loving animals and---always surprised how much work, love, money, these little heart stealers will do to you------a person as myself will always go to extremes and not be rational in such situations-------my point------{PET HEALTH}is not all medical---

I try to look at vets in a positive manner but its hard because my experience has been that some just take advantage of that love you have for your pet and minipulates it for money---------------or i should say the assistants more the the vet themselves.

LISTEN all you lover of animals---sooner or later they have to go---some suffer-some dont---

NEVER_NEVER_feel you could u of done more for the pet--because the very fact that you would think "I could of done more or prevented his pain ."_________YES_____THAT very FACT tells me you gave a lost animal a loving home for how everlong it was----if not for you they would have never felt love-------

So- if time comes when the vet says they need to give cat or dog thousands of dollars of test----the tests may work or not and your living day to day on parttime work, bank acc is $38.00 and never see a dr for your self---dont see the negative--its just time----u know and thats never good- it just comes with all the love u shared--

So pet medicine-------lets just say i am not sure-I-have a kitty but will not brush its teeth---to each their own but dont forget its not how long they live its all about loving with holding, petting, ok-----------i will go--so emotional