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Thread: Oxazepam (Purata Pink Tablet with Score , Blank)

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    Default Oxazepam (Purata Pink Tablet with Score , Blank)

    Like the Sandoz Bromazepam , are blank.

    I haven't tried any, but can anyone confirm they're legit?

    Searching the forum, i haven't found any absolutely conclusive answers, most people saying they're weak.

    The problem with both the Oxazepam is that even the printout that he gives you with it that comes directly from the south african medical website states waht the pill should have on it: a mortar and pestle

    so i just want to confirm with someone that has used this med that they are absolutely 100% legit , without a shadow of a doubt.


    let me know thank you

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    download (1).jpg

    this is what they look like ofc
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  4. Oxazepam (Purata Pink Tablet with Score , Blank)

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