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Thread: round orange pill with z and horseshoe

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    Default round orange pill with z and horseshoe

    Hi all,
    I found a round orange pill fairly big and fat, with a small z on it and what looks like a horseshoe over it. (or under). I used some pill id sites yesterday to no avail, and general searches, etc. Then I used the one here and it came back with "zinc". I wasn't able to find images to confirm. Still looking today for confirmation but no luck yet. But if anyone knows offhand, any input would be great!

    Many thanks!

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    Nobody can do a better job of identifying it, sight unseen, than you can. Some of the websites, that help identify pills, and tablets, are better than others. Your best bet is to try multiple sites until you get a match. The better ones have inputs for shape, color, scoring, and imprints. I have used a few, with no results, but kept trying, until I found one that worked. The only other thing would be to try to post a picture of both sides, and maybe someone can recognize it. I still think your best bet is to keep trying the web. If you search “round orange pill with imprint,” you should get a bunch of websites that will help you. Good luck.
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