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You must abide by the following rules:

1) You must be 18 years old or older to register on this site.

2) No spam of any kind. Anyone posting spam will have their account deleted, all their forum posts and private messages deleted and their IP address banned so they will not easily be able to even see the forums again. This only takes us two mouse clicks.

3) Suggesting or encouraging any illegal activity is out of bounds. You can share information on what is legal, and what is not legal, but you must not incite, aid or abet law-breaking on these forums or through the private messaging system. In particular any discussions about procuring scheduled I or II substances, as classified according to the US Controlled Substances Act, will not be tolerated under any circumstances as these will be assumed to be illegal to procure wherever the forum member resides in the world and regardless of whether the forum member is in possession of a valid prescription. No discussing recreational drug use.

4) Websites which sell "research chemicals" which include analogs of schedule I or II substances can only be discussed in the Senior Members' restricted area.

5) No hate speech of any kind.

6) Do not start arguments, or even participate in them. Do not resort to insults or name calling in politics themed discussions. We will ban aggressive members. Please alert a moderator if you see an aggressive post by using the report-a-post button (which looks like a gray 'yield' roadsign).

7) No buying, selling or trading anything through the forums.

8) No fake reviews ('shilling') on the reviews pages or forums. We allow website representatives to respond to discussions about their sites, which is only fair. But if we suspect that they are involved in setting up user accounts just to shill for their websites we'll delete all of the forum accounts, and will look into blacklisting their website too. The forums are only meant for honest discussion, not underhand commercial solicitation.

9) If there is evidence that a member has shared information from inside the restricted part of the forum (the "Senior Members' Area") with anyone who is not a Senior Member, especially a vendor, the member will be immediately banned.

10) Representatives of sites that sell non-controlled medicines are allowed to participate in the forums, but only for clarification purposes. They should not initiate any discussion nor post updates about their site, and they may not post special offers in the forums or reviews pages. Representatives of sites that sell controlled medicines are not allowed to join.

11) No promoting websites through the private message system. If you receive any private messages promoting any service or products please forward the message to a moderator or administrator. Any member using the private messaging system to promote any commercial service will be banned.

12) Do not discuss vendors without a permanent website in the main forum area, only in the senior members area. Members with at least 60 posts are assumed to be able to make up their own (typically skeptical) minds about these risky types of services. We do not really welcome discussion of email sources or vendors that do not have an established website, or anything to do with "dark net markets", but will tolerate it in the Senior Members' Forum.

13) No links to websites in forum posts, and definitely no links in signatures. It is acceptable to mention a website name as part of a forum discussion (but not to post a link to the site). However when it comes to signatures we do not allow email or website addresses to be mentioned at all, or alluded to in any way.

14) For your protection we do not allow the posting of email addresses, phone numbers, or personal information anywhere on the forum. If you decide to reveal any personal info to other forum members please use the private messaging system to do so. You will need to make 20 forum posts to use it.

15) Only upload images that are not copyrighted, or that you own the copyright to. The copyright will be transferred to through the act of uploading the image. Do not upload, or link to from this site, any image which breaks any of the criteria listed here for offensive content. Do not upload images which could encourage illegal activity. No pornography.

16) Only post information that would be useful for many other forum users to read. Do not post personal messages, or useless messages such as “I sent you a PM” in the forums. If we think you are posting a lot of useless one-liner posts just to make the threshold for posting private messages we reserve the right to delete some of your posts, reduce your post count artificially, or even ban you. Also if you make a post and then realize you'd forgotten to say something then please hit the edit button on the post you just made instead of making another post.

17) Once you have made 5 posts you can rate other people's posts as helpful / unhelpful. Please only rate posts as helpful if they contain information that everyone might find helpful, not just you personally. Do not swap helpful post ratings.

18) Please only post in the most relevant part of the forum for the topic you want to discuss; do not double post.

19) Do not post asking for "a source" in the open forum. Any post asking members to disclose any sources for a certain medicine within the open part of the forum will be considered 'shilling' unless proven otherwise. Penalties apply, including permanent bans. Do not post requesting members send you PMs or emails. We do allow an exception to this rule for Senior Members, posting within the Senior Members' Area only, to request help finding places to buy non highly controlled (not schedule I or II) medicines.

20) Do not start threads for referral-only sources.

21) Do not post information which identifies the shipping origin of packages.

22) Only one forum account per person.

23) If we judge a forum post inappropriate, we reserve the right to delete that post and all replies to it. Forum moderators have the right to edit, censor, or delete any forum post or review without warning.

24) We will not delete old forum accounts on request. Instead we will leave them dormant (so that all the discussion threads make sense).

25) is not intended as a source for verified legal or medical information. The contents of this website do not constitute legal or medical advice and are for informational purposes only. Any advice on this website should never be considered to have been written by anyone professionally qualified to offer such advice. The site owners, administrators, and moderators do not hold any legal qualifications in law, medicine, or any related fields, and their written communications should never be taken as qualified, professional advice. You should not act upon the information presented on this website without seeking the advice of legal counsel or a qualified medical practitioner.

26) Our site accepts no legal liability for the consequences of user-submitted content on the forums or in the reviews section. By submitting any text for publication on this website you agree not to make false accusations against any individual, company or other legal entity on this site. User-submitted internet reviews and forum posts are an inherently imprecise means of evaluating an individual or company's actions or reputation but will take reasonable steps to try to unpublish clearly false material posted on this site.


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