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    Default offline for 24 hours

    After 24 hours offline we are back. The outage was to do with our domain name. It was caused by a mistake at the domain name registrar company we use, who took until now to correct it. Thank you to all our members for your patience over the last day.

    Please be sure to bookmark and follow updates at our Twitter page in case anything like this ever happens again. Anyone who checked Twitter would hopefully have been reassured that it was just a temporary issue.

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    Thank you @drboris

    The twitter messages helped a ton.

    We all knew you would fix it though

    Thanks for all the hard work you do here on the forum.

    I’ve been a member for a little over a year, and I’m not sure how I “survived” without it.

    When I first found PR, I couldn’t believe how much support and information there is - you run a very good website and thank you for doing your best at keeping the “pot stirrers, trouble-makers, debaters of the negative kind, etc.” out of a place we feel safe.

    It’s magical

    Take Good Care!
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  4. Thanks for posting and letting us know!! I tried to click on a couple of links within this site a couple of minutes ago and was redirected to that warning and was wondering what happened. Thanks again for the info!

  5. offline for 24 hours

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