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Thread: We now accept Bitcoin donations to help sustain the forum

  1. Quote Originally Posted by dtek View Post
    I hate to say this, but a news item today sounds as if donating to PR may now be an IRS reportable event due to its use of virtual currencies.

    More info here: IRS May Be Asking For Bitcoin Disclosure On 2019 Tax Returns
    I did a test donation but I think I messed it up, because I specified the amount in USD, instead of the exact amount of BTC specified. Hopefully, it still goes through.
    That's what I get for PUI.

    As for the IRS, they can blow me.
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    Drug criminalization is modern-day slavery.

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    I sent a small donation because i feel this site has so much information so if every dollar helps , i’m in. I don’t have anything beside my name that i made a donation but that was not my intention. It’s to help the community and that’s all what matters. When you can receive help for yourself and others it’s a win for everyone. Thanks PR.
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  3. When I click donate, it won’t let me. Can you message me where to send the donation? You guys have been awesome! Thank you!

  4. Lol I didn’t see the button at the top of the page ????*?? Just ignore me.
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    @GreenThumb @Mike Stayn (and maybe @zGreeneyesz), It's really generous of you to have donated! It looks like the system didn't pick up the donations as the amounts were slightly different to the expected BTC totals, I will follow up with you by PM to assign you "Sponsor" badges.
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