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Thread: Apple or Android???

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    “Somuchforthat any advice on the next long lasting iPhone or iPad. It all gets to be overwhelming. Maybe I should go with a kindle fire... too much confusion for me. I don’t know what the best choice is.

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    iPhone’s and IPad’s here...just like’em, what more can I say?

  4. I hate using a Mac but I love my iPhone and iPad. Not to mention that I’ve now created quite the sassy Siri. Love her!

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    luvn2dance will become famous soon enoughluvn2dance will become famous soon enough

    Wife and I recently got new phones. I got the Oneplus 6t and she got the iphone xr both through T Mobile. I would say I've been much happier with my choice. I don't think there is anything that really wows her about her phone and she doesn't perceive it as much of an upgrade over the iphone 6s plus. Surprising to me since the iphone xr supposedly has the fastest processor available at the time. I was almost going to dip into the iphone waters myself, but I'm kind of glad I didn't. I'm pretty satisfied with the OnePlus so far.

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    I am a huge Apple fan. I got on the Mac bandwagon way back in the day. BUT I use an Android phone and a Kindle Fire for my mobile computing. It was cheaper for me. If cost wasn't an issue I would probably have an IPhone and an IPad. I remember many many years ago actually opening virus files in Text edit on my Mac, just to read the code lol. It used to amaze the IT guys!

  7. Apple or Android???
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