I wasn’t really sure where to put this post, but as it is about somewhat future-looking ideas, technology seemed like maybe the best place.

I stumbled on a site recently called biopsychiatry.com that has a very interesting essay on the challenges of finding effective drug therapies. It is almost a manifesto of sorts on the right of people to use drugs to improve their experience. He goes into many categories of drugs with their uses and problems, but from the perspective that what we need is more research for better drugs, not demonization of people who use them. It’s a very long but worthwhile read.

It seems to be a subpage of a larger site called bltc.com, the BLTC research group. They described their mission to “promote paradise-engineering. We are dedicated to an ambitious global technology project. BLTC seek to abolish the biological substrates of suffering. Not just in humans, but in all sentient life.”

Sounds pretty good! I have not looked at anything but the bio psychiatry page yet, but it looks intriguing.