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Thread: 8chan shutdown and why it bothers me

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    Default 8chan shutdown and why it bothers me

    Hey guys, ran across news about this and... okay, I have never used 8chan or any related board (they confuse me) so I'm not a huge fan, but when I found out 8chan was specifically being targeted for shutdown by people in power--and worse, that it WORKED--I was bothered.

    Here's what bothers me:

    1. It wasn't shut down by legal authority. Basically the company that was going to host it was ramrodded by its parent, who wanted to show how "committed" it was to the "right ideals."

    2. This is so soon after we had that topic about that dark web news website being pulled by the government for reasons that came off to a lot of us as fascist.

    3. The reason there was a call to shut down 8chan at all? Apparently some shooter was a user there. Effectively the website was being blamed for a person's actions... much like video games, rock music, D&D had been before.

    4. I watch a lot of sources on both sides of the political spectrum and I've noticed a disturbing fact... only sites opposed to 8chan are talking about it, repeating the litany of it being "racist, sexist, full of hate-speech." Now, I've been around the internet long enough to know that these days you can get accused of any of those things for reasons such as questioning whether statistics or accurate or wanting sources for statements or even asking "is this man actually guilty of the crime which he has been accused?"

    You would think there would be an equal number of people of opposing viewpoints calling this shutdown out for what it is--basically just a political maneuver to shut down a place where you can actually oppose a dominant political party--but actually no. I've seen absolutely nobody saying that. Anyone discussing this incident is applauding it.

    That bothers me more than anything else. Just to put it in perspective: as of right now if the media wanted to peg pharmacyreviewer as a drug-peddling site and they could get people with deep enough pockets to deep-fry you, they could do so, and in the wake of your defeat, all the news reports would say you deserved it. "History is written by the winners."

    That bothers me more than anything.

    (By the way if this is at a publicly-viewable section, is there an equivalent seniors-only section where this could be copied to? I wasn't clear if this part was seniors-only or not. I might post a similar message elsewhere and I don't want my name there to be linked to my name here)

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    You say you have never 'used' 8chan? Well, I used to have friends who went way further right than Mencius Moldbug, but I cannot see why you are concerned with this if you haven't even used it. If there was a 'shooter' using it, you can be sure many 8chan users would definitely encourage it--this is way right of alt-right, and I used to talk to the smartest of them--Nick Land, Spandrell, Alrenous in NRx, which is much further right than names we hear like Milo, Steve Sailer, and numerous others. Even on their blogs, some of these people were congratulating the one who or those who killed Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. They are not particularly excited about such 'ordinary' Islamist terrorist attacks like Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Nice, Manchester, the London murders at various times, or even 9/11. As far as its being 'racist, sexist, full of hate-speech', it went way beyond the usual bounds of that, something even current U.S. Republicans would totally repudiate. I wrote on there once to 'dox' one of my former NRx friends, and then read it for about a month. These people don't make a difference between racial events that have some ambiguity to them--as some of the Ferguson, Baltimore, etc., shootings were; they even applaud Dylan Roof's massacre of church people in Charleston, which is clear-cut--that is pure black hatred, and no one is more aware of black racism and white hatred than I am; but absurd to pretend that white racism does not exist.

    "You would think there would be an equal number of people of opposing viewpoints calling this shutdown out for what it is--basically just a political maneuver to shut down a place where you can actually oppose a dominant political party--but actually no. I've seen absolutely nobody saying that. Anyone discussing this incident is applauding it."

    It was not 'a place where you can actually oppose a dominant political party', because even if you meant Republicans and Democrats, the Republicans are dominant everywhere except in the House, and Republicans were definitely happy about the demise of this grotesque site as much as Democrats: NOBODY wants to be identified with such a site, and its members do not think either of the mainstream parties are any different at all. The American Republican Party is 'leftist' to the 'chan' people. And before that, there was a 4chan, I don't remember the difference, but just far-far-right.

    In short, 8chan had its day--which was some years in fact. Closing it down would not matter so much to me, because I haven't got time to think about it, but I have read it extensively about 3 years ago for a month or so, and it is utterly low-class, filthy and disgraceful. Closing it down is hardly a tragedy. And, as people have said in numerous places I've read, there are frightening things on the dark net, things like murder-for-hire, hit men, etc., although I haven't seen any of it myself--don't want to get involved.

    There are thousands of ways both Republicans and Democrats destroy free speech daily, but giving refuge to mass murderers does, in fact, turn the page, not a little, but a lot.

    One more example suffices to explain these people to you: They even support Andres Brevik, the far-right terrorist and mass murderer (77, many of them children) of Norway, and consider him a hero. Some of them are at least aware of the Islamic terrorists, which is where the stupidity of the liberal side comes in--as with refusing to call it 'Islamic terrorism' when that's exactly what it is. But anybody who supports mass murderers who are just doing it because of personal enjoyment of shooting up people, as the El Paso shooter was, are hardly to be sympathized with by any group. If that's the one 8chan was espousing (and I think it was), then why shouldn't they be shut down? You can use all the racist and sexist epithets you want (usually still, if the site or blog is obscure enough), but egging on mass murderers is certainly a bridge too far. I don't know a soul on either side of the mainstream spectrum who supports this sort of thing.

    And, of course, big money can buy a lot. Peter Thiel, himself a far-right-winger, put Gawker out of business for outing him as gay. Just because he had the money. Don't expect that to change much, and super-right (but not insane-right like 8chan) Koch Brothers (David just died, but Charles is the other head of Koch) buy enormous influence. To such unfair degree, Bill Maher even said "I'm glad he's dead". Not the worst thing I've ever heard. The Kochs' money was inherited, there were 4 brothers, and David and Charles were/are worth $50 billion each.
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    bluebell will become famous soon enoughbluebell will become famous soon enough

    8chan is coming back from what I read
    And I read a lot of he same type of conspiracy kind of thing
    Lovdbsll yhr speculation
    Have a nice day.

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