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Thread: DRM removal of Netflix / Amazon Prime video etc.

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    Question DRM removal of Netflix / Amazon Prime video etc.

    Hi all,
    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to be posting this or if it should be moved somewhere else. Anyway, I want to remove DRM from Netflix / Amazon Prime videos, and with all the new streaming services starting to role out, those as well. There was a piece of software a while back discussed on Reddit called WVDownloader which basically takes advantage of an exploit in the Widevine DRM protection scheme to provide the original video file. The details on how to obtain this software however were very sparse. There was talk of people distributing it on BTC forums although many of these turn out to be scams. I know there are screen recording software that can essentially record the output of your audio / video, but if possible, I would like to have the original file for a few reasons:
    1. Screen recording can take an insane amount of time
    2. More importantly, I sometimes want to have the alternative tracks such as AD (audio descriptions), CC (closed captioning etc available as well.

    Has anyone ever heard of this software before? If so, do you know where it is distributed? Or, is there a better program out there for what I am trying to do?
    Please note I have no objection to paying for digital content, but I would just like to have more control over what I can do with that content and make backups for personal use etc. Feel free to PM me if that would be better. Thank you all in advance!

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    bluebell will become famous soon enoughbluebell will become famous soon enoughbluebell will become famous soon enough

    No not heard of that thing.

    I do have Prime and have not used it to the fullest possiblities it has.

    although I do not do tge DL things you mentioned.

    How has it turned out IYO.
    Have a nice day.

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    Hi @bluebell,
    I have not been able to download the source video file itself which is really the point of my question. Sure I can screen record, but like I said, you don't get all of the tracks included in the source file. Even if you somehow manage to download the file, you still need a way to remove the DRM from the source. Many times Widevine is used due to a known exploit, which is where the software I mentioned above comes into play. I just don't know where to fine it, as it is not really available publicly. Even so, some people have gotten their hands on it. I was just wondering if anyone knew of a reliable source to get it.
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