Adult Son Denied Analgesic - Mocked by Dentist at Hospital's Clinic for Extraction/Absess

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Jul 23, 2011
@Doc Rogue
Absolutely no need to spend a second, thinking that I didn’t take your suggestion as you meant it. It was meant to be helpful, and I understood it that way. If I was reading my own posts, I would think the exact same thing. If this doctor won’t give you any voice in your treatment, time to move on. Things are really crazy in my state. I have tried to change doctors too many times to count. Right off the bat, if you make an appointment at a pain doc, without a referral from your primary doctor, you are under suspicion the minute you walk in the door. I had some piece of [email protected] tell me only cash, no insurance. This guy made me pay $60O cash up front. After he put the cash in his pocket, he said “I can put you on Suboxone, and get you off your pain meds.” He then said, other than that, I can’t help you. So he either thought I was a drug seeking patient, or he thought I was a dealer, that just wanted meds to sell. Either way, this idiot took me for the cash. I was so furious that I didn’t even realize that I should have filed a complaint, as I’m pretty sure the guy never even made a file, and just used me to pay for his weekend. This was when I already had the guy that was overprescribing, but really needed to get away from the guy. So I wasn’t totally screwed, but as a totally legitimate pain patient, I was treated like a criminal. I had a file with all my MRI’s and nerve conduction studies with me, which he didn’t even look at.

I tried another pain doc that my accountant referred me to. It wasn’t a medical referral, but at least it was a professional referral. I spoke to the guy on the phone. He said the only way he would consider taking me as a new patient was, I would have to authorize him to request all my records from my current doctor. I said that was fine, but I would lose that doctor, if you request my file, so I asked him if everything I told him checked out, as I told him, would he accept me into his practice. He said “sorry, no guarantees.” I told him I liked his demeanor, my accountant said you are a good guy, but I will definitely lose my current doctor. He said that was my only option, all my records, and a maybe. I told him I had copies of every test I ever took, but I can’t risk having no doctor. He didn’t care. I have more stories like this, and in my state, it is extremely tough to get into a pain practice. I only had the guy I hated, because my primary doctor referred him. I only got the guy I have now, a caring guy, but thinks he has no choice but a slow forced taper, because I told my primary care doctor, who I consider a friend, that I needed another referral, because the current guy was ruining my life. He referred me to the new guy. I have to be happy with the bird in hand, even with his faults. Could I get off my pain meds? Sure, but my quality of life would be down the toilet, and I wouldn’t be able to run my company. Not an option. I only mention this because I know you meant well, and were making a suggestion that should be easy. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy option to execute. You are one of the people on here that I value your opinions, and we are in similar situations. Don’t ever worry about me taking something out of context. You have already demonstrated that you are not only a great person, but someone I trust to bounce this stuff off of. No worries my friend, your input, and advice is always welcome! I’m really happy you have things going in a great direction. Hang in there, and enjoy the holiday!
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Jun 22, 2012
Sadly, you're speaking to the choir here. We ALL know what a complete load of BS is being passed out to patients along with non-treatment for pain. I know of 2 people who recently had tooth extractions and both were given the same as your son. RX Ibuprofen. It is SO ridiculous and enraging. I remember getting 10 norco for an extraction about 6 years ago without a problem.

I suggest you make a comment here to let the "powers that be" know what's REALLY going on:

Wishing I could bring Nixon back to life; show him the result of his Illegal enterprise, mainly the DEA
Ditto! I remember being Rx'd 20 Vicodin 10mg tablets, obtaining my pain dr's permission in Fall 2009. My son is an adult, and I must tread gently when it comes to his decision making. What responsible parent wants to watch their son or daughter suffer! What troubles me about him? He has my DNA for pain sensation. One wrong fall...diagnosis for his injury... and just suppose an MRI reveals that he has spinal stenosis?

We are living in dire times. Denial of pain, especially from injury and cancer.


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Nov 8, 2011
I totally emphasize with people who has suffered with an abcess especially with a tooth. Recently I had one, and had to contact three dentist before I could get any antibioctics. Getting pain killers was eve worse!
Luckily my girlfriend had some pain killers (paracetamol codeine 30mg/500mg) or otherwise I don't think I would have survived. I also get prescribed Pregabalin which also helped.
Worse thing is I think the pain coming back. Must try and find a dentist who I can afford to take the bloody think out!
I also have a severe phobia about dentist which doesn't help.