Anyone had their gallbladder removed??

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Aug 12, 2013
Hey guys,

I was wondering how many of you have had your gallbladder removed or have been told you should have it removed & didn't do it.

I am meeting a surgeon this Friday to talk about mine & I am completely up in the air about whether or not to go thru w/it. My reasons are 1, I have enough health issues, pain & problems from other areas plus a boat load of all kinds of serious stress. I've always bruised & swelled easily esp after any surgery but as time has progressed & ive had more injuries, major reconstructive surgeries, new health issues that may become worse by having my gallbladder removed, I'm just... I dunno.

This all started 10 yrs ago. I was going thru unexpected & unbelievable amounts of stress from a very abusive situation that spiraled into causing me more permenant damage to my already train wreck of a spine, other people became involved & things got very out of control turning my once great life into living every day in fear of what was going to happen next. I was supposed to be recovering from 1 of my very serious reconstructive spine surgeries but instead was put thru hell of every kind. My life now is a polar opposite of what it used to be & what it legally was supposed to be.

Anyhow, this stress & other things caused my pain to spiral out of control so my body was under too much physical & mental/emotional stress 24-7. I've always gotten nausea from severe pain, on rare occasion vomiting but this new situation was too much for my body & all sorts of new health issues started happening. 1 of them was involuntary vomiting almost every day, 1-3 times a day. The vomiting killed my spine & back causing more pain making the vomiting even worse. It came on w/o any warning most of the time. I've thrown up in multiple places, at home, while driving, grocery shopping, etc. It was miserable & real embarrassing. After about a year & 1/2 of this I woke up 1 day w/this terrible pain in the upper center of my stomach where it meets the center bottom of my rib cage or sternum. It got worse by the hour it seemed to the point where it felt like I was continually being punched hard by a huge grown man. The pain went thru to my back & made all of the muscles thru my entire core area, front, back, sides, spasm & hurt like pure hello. By day 3 or 4 of being doubled up in a fetal position on the floor most of that time my stomach had swelled up to the point that I looked like I was 2/3rds of the way thru a pregnancy. I couldn't breathe, eat or hardly talk. Anything that involved flexing any of the muscles throughout my core made it even worse. I had a crap primary care Doc & a worthless pain management nurse who actually told me to roll around on the floor, bring my knees up to my chest & more garbage. I was seeing a councilor at this time because prior to this I'd never had any issues w/depression or anxiety. I had to call her to cancel an appt & she asked what was wrong. When I told her & what the pain Clinic said to do she flipped out & called my primary care Doc to demand that he admit me to the hospital or she was going to report him.

I was in the hospital for 3 days. After a cat scan, a nuclear scan & some other tests I was told I had gall stones & my gallbladder was refluxing the bile back up into my stomach instead of down into my intestines. The consensus was stress was the cause. I was talked to about having it removed but so much was going on in my life at that time I just couldn't figure out how to fit it in. Plus after talking to a ton of people & reading lots of stories online, it was literally a 50/50 split of those that said it was the best thing they ever did or those that said it was the worst as they were still having nausea, vomiting plus a whole bunch of xtra new unpleasant issues.

I ended up getting a new Doc who was great. He put me on a gallbladder med, I can't remember the name now, & slowly it got better. I also finally got a good chunk of the major stressors out of my life. After 2 yrs on the med & no pain I stopped taking it.

Then life happened about 5 yrs ago & I was unknowingly living in a supposedly newly remodeled home that had mold & fungus. I got very sick right away as did my once 2 healthy Golden Retrievers. We had become completely inoculated w/it & it was excruciatingly painful coming out of us from every possible way. It actually killed my female. During this time my stomach hurt so bad but not quite like the 1st attack. 2 yrs after I got us out of the house most of it settled down.

So now, I'm still dealing w/several health issues, some are permanent & degenerative. About a month ago out of nowhere I woke up 1 morning feeling as I always do, had my coffee & w/in an hour or so I started developing the same pain that happened 10 yrs ago. It felt like it got worse by the minute. After a couple hrs in my stomach started to swell up. It was the same pain like I was being repeatedly punched right in my upper stomach, made all the muscles throughout my core area spasm. It got to the point where it hurt to breathe or talk. I almost made my mom take me to the ER but the ER near me is TERRIBLE & everytime ive gone there w/something serious I've gotten treated like garbage w/no help because I'm in pain management- they're known for treating all pain patients like crack addicts even though I've never done anything wrong w/1 doctor, etc, etc. So I decided to wait 1 more day so I could call my doctor. She got me in, examined me, sent me to have tests done.

Now I've had some more tests & an ultrasound. My doctor called me the same day I did my ultrasound to come to see her the next day, she's never done anything like that before. I was told I have many gallstones & since this has been an issue before am most likely going to need to have it removed. I feel the pain where my gallbladder is but in comparison to the major pain I have from my spinalchord damage, from the waist down to toes & the multiple jaw surgeries I've had to go thru, which the surgeon botched, migraines, even the stress, the day to day pain I feel from my gall bladder is way overshadowed by everything else. I guess I just don't pay attention to it &/or I've just learned to live w/major pain my entire adult life. I've had so many surgeries I honestly would have to sit down & think about them all to tell you an exact number. And I still have to go thru more reconstructive surgeries on my jaw from the mess that surgeon made. My immune system is low so I don't heal fast & the side effects of having your gallbladder removed would cause more problems for a couple of the other health issues I have. I just truly do not know what to do. If I were healthy & could breeze thru the surgery then I might not be as apprehensive. Reading some of these people's stories of pure regret is scary.

So now that I've given you the blog version of this, I was wondering if any of you have/had gallbladder problems, if you did or did not have it removed & why. Did you have other health issues in addition to your gallbladder? Did that impact your choice to have the surgery? Last, how is your life now? I've heard people say they rapidly gained a lot of weight or they lost weight. I'm petite & gaining a bunch of weight for me would add so much more to my physical disabilities plus I seriously have had my once very healthy athletic body trashed & beat to sh*t, I so don't need to gain any weight!

Anyhow thanks so much for reading thru all of this & sharing your experiences if you can. It's so hard to talk to people who have no clue what it's like to have serious health issues &/or disabilities + major pain, have them talk to you like oh it's no big deal saying things like, I know so-n-so who had theirs removed & their doing just great! Well that is great but when 1 person who is healthy has this surgery they may bounce back just fine. People who's bodies have been beat to hell for years don't heal the same & there's so many factors that effect a good outcome. One more reason I really appreciate this PR family here, so many who can understand, relate to so much of what others are going thru & offer advice that is more helpful in many ways.

I would just love to hear how those of you that have had gallbladder issues or had yours out, or not, what you've gone thru, what made you decide to do what you did & or didn't do, how it changed your life, etc., etc.

Thanks again guys, I really do appreciate you! Hope everyone is doing well!
Take care
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Jun 11, 2014
I personally have NOT had it done, but my boyfriend's mum recently did, and so have 2 of my good friends.

I can tell you what I noticed both before and after with them was an improvement because their gallbladder had become toxic. My boyfriend's mum's gallbladder had become gangrenous they discovered when they went to remove it, which is deadly if not caught in time. She also always had a load of digestion issues, which have now mostly resolved.

My 2 friends both had extreme weight gain issues which over time have resolved to a great extent without any dieting.

The gallbladder is actually really important, but if it has somehow gotten to a stage where it is no longer functioning properly, it can be very uncomfortable and cause weight gain.

From reading what you've written, you've actually been through a living form of toxic hell. I know about the black mold. It killed my friends infant (VERY sad) because they didn't know that the house they had bought was basically pickled with it in the basement and attic and like you, they had endless bouts of flu and sickness and unexplained lethargy. When their son died, it was absolutely tragic. As a baby he couldn't fight off the mold. They have since abandoned the house. It actually has to be torn down to get rid of it.

I would say you've had a lot emotionally from reading your post, and my heart goes out to you.

You seriously need a break and some goodness infused in there asap.

With the gallbladder I'd say if you're in any way unsure, don't. Definitely listen to what the doctors have to say, and they do some research. There are surgeons who do surgery because that's their answer to everything, and then there are those that give you choice via informed decision.

If your gallbladder isn't far gone there are things you can do to try to heal it. Gallbladder flushes can be a good alternative, but chose a very gentle one.

I don't know if I've helped, but I hope that at least being acknowledged will alert others and you'll get more information and be able to eventually make some decisions to move you in a positive direction, whatever that may be.

Best of luck.

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Dec 28, 2016
I had my gallbladder removed. I had a gallstone that showed up in a scan a few years ago but 3 years ago it became infected and the pain was unbearable....(My mum had one too and it was worse than labour pain.) Anyway I had it removed with that keyhole surgery - the op takes under an hour and I was in hospital for two days recovering...Then a few months for the wound to heal with daily dressings put into the deep hole that eventually heals up....The body doesn't need it...Glad it's gone....Been through some pain but that was hell...thank god for the morphine! After those shots of morphine I can understand addiction to was bliss!


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May 15, 2011
I won't say this is the solution to anyone's far gone gall bladder but taurine is very good for the liver and gall bladder both. Its an inexpensive supplement you can buy otc with no problem. Another form is called tudca and is supposed to be better. I ordered it myself. Do a search on those things


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Mar 7, 2012
I have had the surgery . I suffered in so much pain prior that it was worth it to me. Recovery was 3 days I believe.
A lot in my family have had theirs out.
It usually is a same day procedure. I am glad I did however each and every one of us are different . Wishing you the best.


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May 8, 2016
I had mine removed years ago after I developed gallstones, and was advised that while the gallstones could be removed the chances were high that they'd recur. The gallstones were horribly painful, the the gallbladder surgery was the laproscopic type, outpatient with about a 3-day recovery. Not a big deal, and no more gallstones.


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Feb 14, 2017
I had mine removed 3 years ago. I was having gallbladder attacks for several years but didn't have insurance so didn't have the surgery until I finally did have insurance. I was having attacks nearly every night for 2 weeks, and couldn't take it anymore. It's been great not worrying about another attack. The first one, I swore I was having a heart attack. I had it removed laprascopically, outpatient, it took a few days recovering. Not a big deal at all.


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Jun 6, 2012
Awhile back I was having some pain in my upper stomach area, which after about a week, turned into a horrible, excruciating pain until I could take it no more
and ended up having hubby take me to the ER. They took one look at me and I was quickly taken back to a waiting room. I remember I had to have some sort of
a scan done (can't remember the name) and by then I was so scared and in pain all I could do was beg for help. They gave me a Morphine IV and possibly
something along with it, but it didn't even touch my pain level. I kept crying and asking why I was still in so much pain and the DR who was helping me said I needed
to be prepped for emergency surgery and assured me I would be out of pain soon when they put me to sleep.
I was in surgery for quite awhile because my gallbladder had become really gangrened and all of that yukk had to be cleaned out along with the gallbladder. The DR said he
was surprised I lasted for a week before going to the ER and I should have come sooner. After a couple bad experiences in the ER and being treated like a drug addict, I
refused to go anymore unless I was dying, but thankfully this DR had compassion....something that a lot of people in the medical field need more of, IMO.
I was in there for 3-days recouping, pain taken care of generously and another couple weeks of healing at home.
If your having pain in the upper middle abdomen area, don't wait until it gets really bad as you risk other serious complications if it becomes gangrened!