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Jun 17, 2016
My darling daughter (only child 20 years old) has been struggling with alcohol. It's a long story but she chose twice daily breathalyzers via FaceTime with me instead of rehab. She has not been perfect but is making significant progress. As she reduces her alcohol consumption she is better able to work on her anxiety issues.

Here is my question -- is there a way to cheat/fake breathalyzer results? For the most part she does the breathalyzer live with me on FaceTime.

She is in college and I worry. Is there any way she could be faking this? Be kind please.


“Zeal overcomes all.”
Jun 25, 2021
I’ve used a breathalyzer for two years on my car (I’m not sure it’s that different) but I’ve never found a way to cheat mine. My breathalyzer interrupts my car from being able to start the car, and will also shut my car completely down while driving if I blow hot. I’ve been known to cheat my way through many tests— and with my breathalyzer experience mine will catch me over brushing my teeth beforehand. I would venture to say your daughter is being forthright and as long as you see her do it and see the results yourself she is not cheating. Of course, someone else could have a different experience! I’m not familiar with handheld devices. Mine will get me on half a beer. Also, I’m nine months honestly sober because of this kind of accountability!
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