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Cancer--Would anyone like some cheese with this whine?

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Lapsed Senior Member
Oct 24, 2014
Thank you Mrs Parker,

The family found, inside a tall dresser, karuna’s diaries - hundreds of them. They are all the same design. She wrote about everything from the weather to her illnesses, her husband, family, her work, hobbies, goals, dreams etc. She wrote her feelings about people in her life with warm, funny and insightful feelings, including members of PR. She would often draw and doodle on the pages. She had been writing poetry for years. It’s been insightful and sad seeing her struggle expressing herself as the cancer and surgeries affected her.

This forum was a lifeline for her and she was so grateful for her friends and the information, support and guidance she received. We are as well. Thank you.

We are now smiling less and grieving for her and her husband and it feels heavy hearted. We have read and reread her thread and feel her pain, her persistence, her struggle and strength. We are grateful she felt this was a soft place to fall.



Exalted member
Jul 21, 2013
through the years we have lost friends from pr and it's always hard. karuna showed us how to face adversity with courage and kindness. she was never bitter and always looked for the positive in the worst situations. she was a gift to us. i hope she and her husband have found peace. reading her posts was a privilege.


Eminent member
Jan 23, 2015
I am so sorry that Karuna has left us and feel that we all will miss her courage and strong spirit. I don’t know of anyone who has been put through so many challenges yet still showed more concern and compassion for others than herself. One of our last chats was about this life and what comes next. I mentioned that I believe we are here to experience life events to learn and experience things that help us grow. If that’s the case then I think Karuna certainly has lived a life worthy of eternal peace and comfort. I miss you my friend.


Renowned member
Jun 22, 2011
Karuna’s family and friend, caregiver and nurse, Mary - thank you for letting us know about our dear Karuna. We treasured her and loved her. She will be deeply missed by all at PR. Many pass on in this forum and we don't know about it. I am happy Karuna had the insight to let us know through you. I am very sad to hear of her passing. Thank you @Mrs Parker for bumping this up. M
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