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DEA Call Scam??

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Lapsed Senior Member
Jan 30, 2014
@Stevo2 Great, not what I wanted to hear, but I was pretty sure it could be done! @ChillyCat Sometimes I feel like hackers hold our very sanity in the palms of their hands! The fact that all our info is out there for them to see! Hope they use their powers for good, not evil! Hi jinks are ok though, having a laugh can be fun! Also, I have benefited from it, gotten free stuff from my techie friends!


May 22, 2011


yep... looking' right at ya


Sep 21, 2013
Ohh yes they r scams, Ive been hearing more and more of them, Id love to know how they get our info, I have friends that are saying they are telling them to send them money to keep their mouths shut, and even some have came to their houses!! its incredable that these A-holes can do this. If u look up the number a reverse lookup, it will show u its a scam. Its all over google about how thet are raping people who dont know better of money.

If it ever happens to me Ill spoof my number and call back and say Im FBI or DEA,lol just to mess with them.
Its not right that there are some of us that need meds we cant get , so we do it this way and idiots are doing this now?

Block the # but im sure they r spoofing too so once they call they wont stop even if u block that number they will only use another its a viscose circle!

Maybe try The do not call list, then after 30 days u can file a legal complaint and maybe they can get the IP of the ISP they are using to file charges or something, Its just a thought???



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Aug 9, 2013
If I can't identify who's calling me I don't answer. Period.

Now I might be a little spoiled by being childless and not needing to know if someone I reared is lying in a ditch.

But I just don't do it. Never. Ever.


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May 8, 2013
Wow - I've never heard of these a-holes coming to people's houses! That's incredibly scary stuff....


Distinguished member
Jan 19, 2012
Those caller ID spoofing apps are actually quite cheap. Actually I had to scroll 3/4 of the way down the page on Google Play to find one that was was not free and it then they started at 99 cents. I must admit that I got one myself a few years back that also changed your voice. Nice guy that I am, I wanted to call my brother and, in a woman's voice say that she was the mother of a girl he had dated and that she had his kid. I know, major dickhead of a joke. Funny thing was my brother was completely straight in his tone when denying even knowing this person. Said he had no idea who "the lady" (me) was, never heard the girl's name before and do not call again. He handled himself pretty well in a situation that would have had me stumbling to find words.
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