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Extended Release Morphine

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Mar 14, 2012
Get this:
I looked up how long morphine stays in your system so that I could make sure it didn't show up when I was tested at PM. My script is for oxycodone, but I was given some 60 mg extended release morphine tablets by a friend to tide me over. The 10s I get don't always quite last. So, I took the morphine four days before the test. The research said three days should be enough for it to clear. Well, the test came back with the morphine - and high amounts! Over 2000 ng/l. Got me tossed.

Do you think it's because it was the extended release variety? Because I took 30 mg IR in the past with no issue, as long as it was more than three days before the test.

Little Alex

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Sep 21, 2015
You obviously were not metabolizing it very fast. Morphine lasts a bit longer than oxy, but three days is very close. I imagine you could not take the pain/withdrawal and had no choice... sorry to hear they put you through this

A 60mg extended release morphine could last as long as 18 hours, Avinza is supposedly a once per day time release morphine product, that in theory would for sure load your body up a bit more than if it were just one dose.

Were you discharged with nothing?
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