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For The Love of Dogs

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Exalted member
Nov 2, 2015
Just got back from bathing Nala, she was soo good!! She put on the brakes when we got to the self bath station but, overall she was great! She got a new collar and her nails trimmed.


That Snail Is Fast
Apr 13, 2019
dogs love you even when you do not deserve it!!!!
They can be so hard but then they give you something that is so so hard to get , undeserved love.
well some will understand.


Exalted member
Jun 28, 2011
To those who have recently (or not so recently) lost your beloved pets. I'm sorry for your loss. I know from experience that you will never completely get over it. Sure the acute sadness will lessen in time. But even 10 years after my sweet Bree died, my heart does a twist when I walk on her patch in the yard. I have new fur friends to love now, but the old ones are still ever present. More than once, I've watched a similar dog being walked in my neighborhood, and I was sure it was a ghost. @seashells, I'm sure Bubs had many kisses, toys, treats, and comfy naps in 17 years. May your heart be filled with those good memories as you grieve your loss.
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