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For those tht struggle with alcohol...

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Feb 15, 2016
Here is a book that I have just read and is a great to help anyone that is struggling with alcohol addiction.

A Prescription for Alcoholics. It is only available from the big river, about £4 for Kindle and £13 paperback. It was release March this year.

It contains to much to go through, it is easier to say that there is not much that it doesn't cover, it is over 500 pages.

Two major points it covers, is why there is very little help in medication, why what there is is rarely prescribed and the stigma that surrounds alcohol dependency, that doesn't seem to happen to any other disease.

It also goes into detail, about how alcohol changes the brain, so that sober is no longer the normal, intoxicated is and how the brain sends anxiety messages when it is sober, urging the person to drink to return to the norm. And this is why it is so hard for people who have an alcohol dependency to kick it in to touch and why it is so important to have long term medication to put the brain and body back to the way it was, so that a person can be free of alcohol.

I have no connection with this book, financial or otherwise.
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