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How do you like to consume your caffeine?

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Delta L1011

Eminent member
Oct 6, 2011
Jamaican Blue Mountain Light Roast Whole Bean (8 oz per bag) ground up with my Oster Cafe Mill,
+ I add one packet of Splenda + a small pour of Organic Valley Half & Half Grassmilk.(100% grass fed)
(all made at home with my Krups coffeemaker), and, about 2 or 3 cups before noon) As the pure
Jamaican coffee bean is too HTF, thus, while traveling, or on the road, I will settle for Starbuck's
Grande Latte, or a Grande Latte Vanilla Coffee.


Senior member
Dec 13, 2011
6-cup moka pot with espresso grinds (Cafe Bustelo or the whole bean espresso roast on sale). Steamed oat milk with Italian sweet cream. Now I can start my day.


Exalted member
May 25, 2012
Decaffeinated, I get anxious drinking coffee with caffeine yet, strangely I don't get the same reaction from cold caffeine soft drinks. One of lives idiosyncrasies 🙃


Senior member
Feb 7, 2022
I do both coffee and tea. I used to order from bunches of different roasters for coffee but lately have just been ordering from one named blackwhiteroasters. They do mostly direct trade and always have new things to try. I like trying the different varietals and processing types. For tea i mostly drink oolongs and greens. It's harvest time for a lot of greens, so I just got a huge order in from china of a bunch of different kinds from this season. VERY excited about that. I get all my teas from a place called YunnanSourcing. They have a .com that is direct from china and a .us that's domestic. The .com will have everything immediately when it's ready so you can get first picks there.

I guess that was the what not the how lol. For the how i just use a bit of sugar for both. Well i actually use erythritol, since i don't do sugar.


Exalted member
May 23, 2021
I seriously need to cut down on my caffeine intake. I take extra strength caffeine mints all day, and fresh espresso, or coffee, whenever I have the chance. I have to slow down in the early evening, or I will never sleep at all. I usually don’t take any caffeine, or drink any, after 8:00 PM, unless I know I have nothing to do in the early morning.

When I was younger, I could drink coffee all day, and all night, and sleep like a baby. Then I started having insomnia. Can’t imagine why? 😂
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