human growth hormone = be aware


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This thread needs some new info, granted I haven't read through the whole thing and the OP has been banned from PR and cant.defend my statement, but there's plenty of HGH out there.

If you purchase from a random person you found on Google or got an email about it then yea,.its probably

if you buy from a bodybuilding website, with approved vendors like we have here on PR you have a much greater change of getting the real deal.

I have been absent from the growth hormone and steroid seen for about 3 years, but I still know plenty of people in that community as I spent over 20 years in it. I know HGH and anabolic/androgenic steroids like the back of my hand.

It's not just meat heads sticking a needle in their ass or popping pills. If you want max results with the fewest fewest side effects and so on you need to know it like science. Understanding esters isnsessential. They are the name after the injectable steroid. For instance the most common testosterone prescribed by doctors for TRT or HRT(testosterone or hormone replacement therapy) is testosterone cypionate.

Cypionate is the ester, which determimes the half life of a steroid and how long it will take to truly build up in your system before you start seeing gains. Cypionate has weight to it just like all esters, and acts for the total strength of 1ml of a substance.

Cypionate has an 8 day half life and the dose of American testosterone cypionate is 200mg/ml. Basically you have roughly 180 something mgs of testosterone, the rest of the 200mg is the weight of the ester.

There are esters like undeconate that can last 20 something days to acetate which is takes about 24 hrs. Then there is suspension or base, which means no ester just pure testosterone. It's used primarlynasma.power booster so to speak, on set takes about 90 minutes or so and it's half life is about 4hrs give or take.

This would apply to every injectable steroid aside.from testosterone. Nandrolome, Equipose, Trenbolone, Primobolan, Winstrol and so on.

HGH also has a rapid on set, about 45 - 90 minutes
Which is why you need multiple daily injections not subcutaneous, but rather Intra Musclular as you will get more from the GH by directing it into muscle tissue not a pimch of fat, and there are some extreme bodybuilders that will mainline it to get every last IU in their body.

There is so so much more, it's time to bring, this forum back to life.



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One does not inject HGH into a vein ? Interesting ... I'm reading about the subject ...


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I have always been interested in human growth hormone. Does it give you gains? Or is it more for the reversal or repair if aging? Is it something that is good to be used by itself? I have seen prices are pretty steep for it also. Thanks.


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It's been so long since I've had an chance to read about this subject but it was something I became VERY interested in, started researching like crazy when my physical health got much worse & id developed new health issues. I read from many credible places that in addition to its other rejuvenating properties that it has helped countless people w/their chronic pain, depending what their chronic pain is caused from, & helped w/the chronic fatigue, low energy levels as well as helped them sleep better.

It's amazing how much severe chronic pain, health issues, stress, etc can age you! In volunteering I saw it all the time w/both people & pets. Up until just a few yrs ago, my whole life I've looked much younger than my actual age. From other people much younger than me to much older, I was always pegged as being atleast 10yrs younger than I am sometimes even close to 20yrs. But now, it's amazing how fast that all pretty much stopped! So in researchI got other things many yrs ago I stumbled on HGH & became fascinated. Part of this had to do w/my background too.

I'd love it if members of PR who have experience w/HGH be it past or present, would start discussing this. It has so many applications... Anything that could relieve my pain, possibly reverse some of the damage that's been done to my body, could help me function better, sleep better AND also has the possibility of bringing back my once great skin & hair....please sign me up!!
What stopped me yrs ago from ordering was not having enough info about the different brands, where this was sourced from. It would be great for some experienced PR member knowledge!

Hope this keeps going!! Happy New Year!!
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You can find real high for cheap. Not everything that comes from China is not real but it is the most faked anabolic by far. I have plenty of places I buy from kits for 300 for 100ui. Obviously I will not say because I am new here and I'm not here for all of that but if you seek you shall find.
The problem is that with the Chinese stuff you have to use 4 to 6 ui for any real gains. But I am looking from an anabolic standpoint. I'm not sure if this form offers anything like the products I'm talking about.
They usually call them somthing like yellow tops generic.
But at the end of the day you have to buy it and have blood work done.

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There is actually no study that shows high to have any anabolic effect. It will keep your weight down. Most body builders take insulin with the high and it has a synergistic effect. The insulin is what gives you gains. It's also highly dangerous! People die from this and it's not somthing the average Joe should mess with.
Personally I would stick with steroids.


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I have a friend who uses hcg and ended us experiencing negative side effects and kidney issues. We really have to be careful with any meds or drugs we intake.


I've never taken HGH as it's very difficult to get a prescription from a doctor where I live. But, I have taken an HGH peptide called ipamorelin. I took it for about 4 months at a cost of about $200 per month. I didn't notice a thing. I'm pretty sure it was a waste of money.


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I've never taken HGH as it's very difficult to get a prescription from a doctor where I live. But, I have taken an HGH peptide called ipamorelin. I took it for about 4 months at a cost of about $200 per month. I didn't notice a thing. I'm pretty sure it was a waste of money.
Ipamorelin is a GHRP (growth hormone releasing peptide). It should be taken in combination with a GHRH (growth hormone releasing hormone). Taking just Ipamorelin is kind of a waste. Plus it sounds like you way overpaid for your peptide. It shouldn't cost nearly that much.

Having said all that, even when run correctly and at a reasonable price, I think the effect is modest at best. Probably not worth the money and trouble of doing injections several times a day. Just my two cents.