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**Idea for a New Music Game - Road Trip Playists**

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Zen_Life II

Distinguished member
May 23, 2020
Ok, for all of you music aficionados out there - I'm calling out to you @M77 @Seychelle @seashells @Binky @El Grandote @VEDA @djrick @KarMar @Saoirse @BlueFlowers (wherever you are!) @Katey @snowy @Boxergirl @snappy711 @Brak @pia @creewillow @Cll @bluu @jakemoe @dizzyblonde @Polina @joebobBriggs @Bellavista44 @bellavamp @taralumia - and everyone else that I have left off the list that wants to join in - one of the silly things that I like to do to pass the time when I am on one of my road trips (which is often) is make playlists for each specific road trip. I thought I was the only weird one who did this, until I found a sub on reddit about people who do the same thing. Here's how it works - we pick a city and for each city we list a relevant song - it can be one that includes the city name, one by an artist from/with the ties to the city, or one that we associate with the city. Whatever song immediately pops into your mind when you hear a city name. We'll let the city run for 10 songs and then switch to another city - one that the 10th person chooses after posting the 10th song. Names and/or videos are fine - whichever way you would prefer. Anyone else in?

I'll start:
SONG: I Left My Hear in San Francisco - Tony Bennett

Zen_Life II

Distinguished member
May 23, 2020
@M77 @Seychelle @Boxergirl - Thank you so much for all of your posts! I love your choices and your willingness to play along. :clapping:

I didn't mean to make this hard, so let me try again: 1 person chooses a city and posts a song and then the next 9 people each pick 1 song that somehow relates to that specific city. On the 10th post, and final song for that city, that person chooses a new city, and we start all over, with each of the next 9 people who post posting a song about the 2nd city.

Here's an example:


Person/Post #1: San Francisco - I Left My Heart in SF - Toney Bennet (mentions city in title)
Person/Post #2: Lights - Journey (Journey & SF - artist from/associated with city; song lyrics refer to SF)
Person/Post #3 San Francisco Days - Chris Issac (city in title/artist associated with city/got his start in city/lives in SF/song lyrics)
Person/Post #4 Save Me San Francisco - Train (city name/artist associated with city)
Person/Post #5 San Franciscan Nights - Eric Burdon & The Animals (city name/reference in lyrics)
Person/Post #6 We Built This City - Starship (artist associated with SF/song about SF)
Person/Post #7 Don't Stop Believin' - Journey (see above)
Person/Post #8 San Francisco Nights - The Animals (city name & lyrics)
Person/Post #9 Fake Tales of San Francisco - Arctic Monkeys (city name & lyrics)
Person/Post #10 Mission in the Rain - Grateful Dead (artist from/associated with SF/song about SF) + **CHOOSES NEXT CITY**

**Note: The song can mention the city in the title; mention or refer to something affiliated with the city (SF = City Lights/Bernal Heights/a famous restaurant/a sports team/an artist who played some sort of historical concert in the city, etc).

Let's try this again.

Song: Smells Like Team Spirit - Nirvana
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