**Idea for a New Music Game - Road Trip Playists**

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Zen_Life II

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May 23, 2020
#10 (Again?!) What, Canada and no Rush? No Bryan Adams? Who are you people??!! :ROFLMAO: Guess I'm just getting old. @VEDA proved that to me by posting a Bieber video. :kiss:
@Gibson - Was that a Neil Young song you replaced? Anything by Neil is ok by me. We all know he's political, so what. He's a LEGEND! (And he is the one that I thought was the "most obvious." @VEDA threw me off with her Joni vid, but I loved it)! :heart:
Oh, and @Shock - Pearl Jam will always get you bonus points with me. Just the wrong country, unfortunately, but very close! :clapping:

Next Location (ugh! I hate this part. Who made up these rules again????). I'm drawing a blank on locations tonight, so I'm going to bring it home and Say "California." Any band or musician with ties to the state works. This should go fast - oh, and @Shock, Eddie Vedder/PJ have close ties to San Diego, so Yellow Ledbetter would work for this one. From now on, I will not be #10. Someone more creative needs to choose. Love to all. :heart:
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May 19, 2015
@Zen_Life II . There were so many Canadian choices, and I knew Neil would be number one, but he disappeared. I had to go with Joni, and the Biebs, for my own reasons. I'm glad you were number ten, because I was baffled, on what location, I would choose. This is an easy one, with mega choices.

#1 Doobie Brothers



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Feb 19, 2012
Sweet! I got number 8! So now I can post another Pearl Jam song that is second on my list from them. LOL

Pearl Jam

I also love classic rock (70s-early 90s) and country music (mostly from the 80s and 90s), so I’m not just a grunge fan! But the former is what I most listen too. I had tickets to see Matchbox 20 last year but got canceled due to Covid. Supposedly is rescheduled for August 2021 so hoping it will happen. Not sure their origin, but Push is an awesome song I recall listening to often in high school.



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Feb 24, 2020