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**Idea for a New Music Game - Road Trip Playists**

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Zen_Life II

Distinguished member
May 23, 2020
@VEDA - Re: post 342: I was teasing you about The Biebs for posting him back in Canada b/c the only time I hear his songs are when I'm iwith my nieces (which is rare since they live on the opposite coast) and my God-daughters, which is even rarer since they are at "that age." You know I think you have amazing taste in music, so I had to give you some flack, however, truth be told, I just saw him perform with Chance the Rapper on SNL, and it was a solid performance. I was impressed, to say the least. No more kidding about him from me. :kiss:

@VEDA - Re Posts #386 & 387: I went back and forth with Madonna and Eminem, so we were definitely on the same page that day. :clapping:

#4. Hall & Oates (Because it's the first act to pop into my mind tonight and I am about to fall asleep)

Hope that everyone had a great holiday and is enjoying the weekend! :heart:


Exalted member
May 19, 2015
@Zen_Life II . Of course I knew you were kidding about the Biebs. Tonight's SNL, was a repeat, so I had seen the original one. That's one of the reason's why I posted the song, because of seeing him on SNL. Otherwise, I would have never heard either of those songs.

One of of my nieces used to love to go to the Jonas Brothers concerts, and One Direction. Then she graduated to the Firefly Festival in Delaware. I had texted her when she was there, a couple of years ago, and said, it's a bit different, isn't it. She's the one who's in Paris now, and hopefully, will get to go to the Primavera Sound Festival, in Spain, that she already has tickets for. She's just so cool. I adore her.

#5 Streets of Philadelphia - Bruce

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