**Idea for a New Music Game - Road Trip Playists**


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Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots (Scott Weiland RIP) is the best road song for me and interestly was written while on a cross USA road trip in 1993

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@Katey @snappy711 - Since @snappy711 was #10 and has such great taste in music (see my post #138 @snappy711 . You know what they say about great minds thinking alike :love:), his post was #10 for Las Vegas and now it is up for @snappy711 to pick a new city/location. So, @snappy711, where would you like to visit next?

@superman11, since you are new to this, please allow me to explain. We choose a city/location to "visit." Every 10th poster picks the next city and we choose 10 artists/musicians/songs that are either from that city, relate to that city or are somehow connected to that city. As you can see, occasionally, we get off topic, but try to stay on track as much as possible. So, for example. if @snappy711 had chosen San Diego (where STP was formed) or San Jose, where Scott Weiland was from, as next city to visit, your post "Interstate Love Song" would have been post #1 for either city.

For an even more avid STP fan, had the city chosen been Santa Barbara (or more aptly Santa Ynez), you could have also posted "Interstate Love Song" here because that is where the song was recorded.

One final note, you could have included a clip of this song from their show in Minneapolis, since that was a significant show and their last concert before Weiland died.

If you post a clip from outside the associated city, I would explain why and how it relates to keep everyone on the same page. Sometimes we struggle for acts to associate with a particular city and will include a video from a particular show that was unique/remarkable for some reason (for example, the last time that I saw Nirvana play was December 29, 1993 in San Diego - a few dates before Kurt Cobain's death and one of his final concerts. That makes it a special concert for me and one that always makes me think of that time in SD. I would include that on my "road trip playlist" fo SD for that reason and let everyone know why I was doing so).

I hope that I didn't confuse you too much. It's easiest to stick with the city the artist is associated with. If you have any Qs, feel free to PM me. This board is meant to be fun and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Thanks @Katey for keeping things moving! Have a wonderful day everyone!
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