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Is Propecia dangerous?

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Dec 19, 2014
if i have healthy liver enzymes will propecia elevate them ? and doesn't warning or side effects also say it can put you at risk for prostate cancer


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Sep 24, 2013
It shouldn't. I literally worked in the lab next to the scientists that made that drug. It was supposed to stave off prostate cancer and in clinical trials, it showed that it worked to restore hair. As a prostate drug, it was called Proscar.


Dec 19, 2014
cool , just making sure every year for my physical my doc gets all excited about bloodwork, and always hopes theres something wrong with something so he can refer me there or test more for $$

once i had elevated liver enzymes day after a hardcore workout, retested and came back normal in the low 20's , before i retested he was like if it comes back high a 2nd time ,than its ultrasound.... liver biopsy.... all that crazy doc talk !

Delta L1011

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Oct 6, 2011
I have been taking finasteride since, June of 1998, until, the present, 2015, I guess, it will be 17 years in a row come June of 2015. A M.D of Internal
Medicine, frankly, my Surgeon, who performed two (2) hair transplants in the year 1997, and transplant number two, in 2001. recommended this to
me. (Male Pattern Baldness a/k/a alopecia). The two operations were successful; and improved my self esteem. I paid US $5,000.00 out of pocket
for each hair transplant. I just had my Annual physical, and, my Testosterone levels are in the normal range, as always, and my PSA count, is very
low, as always, like hovering around 1 to a 1.5. I have now passed age 60 years old. Since my insurance company /companies would never pay for
the expensive "Propecia 1mg", I started about ten years ago, asking my Dermatologist, or my PCP, for a prescription, for "Proscar" only made in 5 mg
tablets, and I have been using a pill cutter, to cut each tab in quarters, to save money. Thus far, my insurance company, has allowed, me to only
make a co-pay, and, my real diagnosis, of alopecia, has never been presented to my various insurance companies. Proscar and Propecia are both
finasteride. Strangely, the one milligram Propecia, name brand, and the 5 mg Proscar, as about the same retail price out of pocket (cash) at least that
was the case over ten years ago.

I believe the original brand names mentioned above, once patented exclusively by Merck & Co. Inc. West Point, PA 19486 USA patent has expired,
as, I know the finasteride, I have been buying since about the year 2008/2009, has been the generic form of Proscar.


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Aug 23, 2015
There seems to be a huge misconception about propecia online. Studies show that only 1-2% of users reportedly suffer from ED or any sexual related side effects but the placebo group that was a part of the study reported that .5- 1% of users also experienced ED or any sexual related side effects.

I really want to get my hands on some Proscar or any other other hair loss drug but I do not want to risk and live out one of these horror stories online.


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Sep 8, 2015
There seems to be a huge misconception about propecia online. Studies show that only 1-2% of users reportedly suffer from ED or any sexual related side effects but the placebo group that was a part of the study reported that .5- 1% of users also experienced ED or any sexual related side effects.

I really want to get my hands on some Proscar or any other other hair loss drug but I do not want to risk and live out one of these horror stories online.

I tried it for more than two years. It really works. Unfortunately I had ED while on it and I am pretty sure this 0.5-1% is very under-reported. Actually the ED is worse than what I have on SSRI. The sexual side effects are reversible though. The main problem is Gynecomastia. pay attention to it and if your breasts starts enlarging, quit it immediately.
Nov 8, 2016
I done the whole finasteride and minoxidil combo for a few years.

Yes it works to keep the remaining hair you have. Some folk have little to no side effects at all. But for some, the erectile disfunction side effect is a very real and potentially confidence busting problem.

Hair loss bothered me a lot. I was prepared to do whatever it took to combat my hair loss. I had a hair transplant in my frontal region back in 2013 with a well renowned surgeon which produced great results.

Then, I started to lose more and more hair in my crown and bridge area (middle scalp) I figured I'd need to spend at least another £20000 to restore hair in those areas via FUE translation. I then thought it would be a waste of money and a never ending chase to get the illusion of a full head of hair back. I mean, even well respected guys in the hair transplantation business who've had multiple hair transplants have these high hairlines that they slick back. I didn't want to look that way.

So my options were limited. In the end, I ditched the minoxidil and finasteride and opted for SMP- scalp micro pigmentation which is a 'hair tattoo' which mimics hair follecules. The results are phenomenal and if you do a little homework, you may be pleasantly surprised at how effective this method is. You have to keep your head shaved down to a 0 guard. But it creates the illusion of a full head of hair, just kept very short. Nobody has ever noticed it's a tattoo and I've got nothing but compliments on my new 'hairstyle'

It may not be for everyone, but certainly worth looking into if you want to be free of hair loss drugs.


May 31, 2014
I did the proscar thing (cut it up into 4ths). i never bothered with minox as i don't like how it can age the skin.
Fin boosted my sex drive by 10%, I think all of these people who have severe ED - it is all in their head, IMO. one guy on hairlosstalk said Fin had actually shrunk his penis and made it bend to the left, which IMO is just a joke.
Fin will stop you losing hair but if you are NW6, it is too late for any treatments... time for SMP or a wig
Nov 8, 2016
@smeg Yes I think the side effects of finasteride can be very exaggerated. There may be a small decrease in libido for some however, I believe this subsides upon discontinuation of the drug. There are some propecia nazi websites out there with some ridiculous claims by some members.

I was just glad to be free of taking fin and minoxidil daily. I can kind of pull off the SMP look, and went for the defined, Barbour hairline and temple points.

Delta L1011

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Oct 6, 2011
Update on my long term use of finasteride, reference post #25, March 3, 2015, for alopecia. (Propecia, by Merck, or, since 2009, the
generic finasteride.
After using finasteride 1mg to 1.25 mg from May of 1998, daily, I quit all use in July of 2015. As I stated in post #25 on this thread,
my two major hair transplants, by a well known American Medical Association Board Certified, Dermatologist, and, Skin Cancer M.D.,
who performed both surgeries, (May 1997) and (June 2001), retired, in the year, 2005, but, he introduced me to either Propecia, in
the year 1997, about 4 months after my first successful hair transplant, for significant male pattern baldness, at age 44.
Why did I quit? I have always had a high sex drive, (libido), I'd say from age 16/17, until, at least age 50. I started Propecia, a
expensive drug, not on my insurance formulary ever, nor was two separate, out of pocket, surgeries, of $5,000.00 each, terms cash.
I shopped around from Beverly Hills M.D's to Atlanta M.D's, (the latter, "Bosley Medical Institute" back in the mid 1990's, who had
offices, in over 26 USA cities, and often used to run "infomercials" late at night on Cable TV.

I chose a referral from my trusted hairdresser at the time, and, even met, one of my hairdresser's patients, who, was 5 yrs older than
me, who, had 3 successful transplants, and a head of hair, like a 20's rock star. I will not further digress on the process of a hair
transplant, only that the 4 to 5 hour operation, each time, painless, with narcotic drugs, and, with, local injections of liquid numbing
agents, to "scalp a rear section of one's natural hair, and each follicle, is individually transplanted, into, the common, area where,
male pattern baldness, starts, with the assistance, with the M.D, of at least two RN's. It takes, a deep desire for change, to do this, as,
the aftercare, is rather slow, it took me, as projected, about 6 months, to see noticeable results, of about 1/2 inch of growth, per month,
after the first 60 days of each operation. It boosted my self esteem a giant leap, over time! I declined a 3rd transplant, due to the
enormous expense, and, the 3rd suggested one was not for male pattern baldness, but, was suggested, for some beginnings, of some
simple hair loss, near the forehead, that, I learned to live with, with ease.

Why did I quit 17 years use of finasteride? I gradually noticed, a irregular, but, modest decline in my sex drive, after my 2nd divorce,
at age 57. I went from stages of being very horny, to, the opposite, in my mid 50's, and, I can now look back and state, with clarity,
that, my entire sex drive, "male sexual dysfunction" including the A to the Z, including a significant libido drop, a loss in sustaining a
erection, a decreased climax, and, most importantly, a complete loss, just in sex desire, I define as libido, began, at a fast tempo,
around age 60, and by age 63, in only 3 years, I lost 100% desire for any sexual relations, to be crude, "never getting horny again,
after my early 60's, even around females, in excellent physical condition, a full 20 years younger than I am. .
I began, not intentional, but by accident, reading online about, many males, ages range late 20's to late 40's, having, significant,
problems with "male sexual dysfunction" mainly, impotence, and, loss of interest, in having sex relations, within their marriages, or
within their bachelor hood days, within on average, only about 2 to 5 years use of finasteride, 1 mg per day. I read online of the
patent holder, facing FDA attention, to change, the product description, to increase substantially, the risk, by taking Propecia, for
hair loss, with a much higher rate of incidence of lack of ability to gain a erection, loss of libido, decreased climax, and, frankly,
divorce and separation, from married men, from spouses, who were not getting their sexual needs met by their male spouses....
the alarming thing, was, the age group, should have been around their prime of sexual drive, late 20's even into their late 40's..

Don't believe me? go to the link www.pubmed.com or pubmed.net, or, www.medscape.com and begin reading official medical
reports, from studies, not biased studies by the patent holder, but, by independent researchers, with, a alarming rate of males,
having significant issues, with male sexual dysfunction. "it does not say 100% of males experiences impotence, but, it does
give rise to a much higher rate than 1 per cent of males with issues, more like, 10 to 30+ percent or more.......I do not have
a referenced source at the moment to give out, but just google finasteride, and, or, Propecia, and male sexual dysfunction, and
you will get many "hits".

The most alarming fact, is that follow up studies, of men, average age around 40, with a standard deviation of + 2 years to
- 2 years, showed, that, legit study groups with males, who never, ever had any issues with their sex drive, before taking
finasteride, for alopecia, (the drug itself, is excellent in stopping hair loss, and, in fact, in a strong minority of cases, increases
hair growth) not the issue........"These males in groups of hundreds from multiple countries, about 50% never had their sex
drive return to even near normal, with follow-up studies, for sure, of at least 3 years of non use of Finasteride (Propecia) in the
USA, other trade names, in other modern industrialized countries around the globe!!! The last I read, some years ago, Merch &
Co, the patent holder for Propecia (Finasteride) had dozens, if not hundreds of lawsuits, from former patients who used Propecia,
for alopecia, who, were entangled in lawsuits, against Merck, in the USA, for not making clear the somewhat high risk of male
sexual dysfunction, to impotence, due to this drug. (citation needed)

It is too late for me, at my age, to find a remedy, as I see it, the side effect damage has already been done for years. Perhaps, my
"original use of ethical reasons for the opiate Percocet, did not help, but with the low doses I took, until, only, 3 years ago, upgrading
to binges on OC extended release, was, after, my entire loss of sex drive, by the year 2014, perhaps abusing OC20's, in my mid 60's.

The big issue, is that 3 month follow up's to 3 year followup's in men ages, late 20's to their 50's, showed "no return to previous
levels, of a healthy, sex drive", (libido), desire for sex, healthy erections, fulfilling male climaxes, were found in a significant population
of males who stopped using any finasteride. I do not have the, source, but, the FDA demanded a product, revision to these dangers,
and, I think I read, where, there were fines, or lawsuits, and, there was chit chat of a class action lawsuit, for the victims of the side
effects of finasteride, used for alopecia. The message, I got was a significant minority, of males, never got their former sex drive,
re-established. That hit me, very hard, psychologically.

I even had my Primary Care Physician, at my age 60, for the next 4 years to prescribe me expensive 100 mg of Viagra, and, later,
20 mg of Levetra, each for one years of use, ages, 62, and age 63, with, the vast majority of the time, no results in obtaining a
erection. Two trips, one to Amsterdam Netherlands, (red light district), and a earlier year, in my early 60's, to, Puerto Vallarta,
Mexico, to houses of prostitution, with females, half my age, I failed to perform, even with ED drugs !!!

I have been married twice, and, have counted at least 24 different opposite sex, female sex partners, from my teen's to around
age 30, and then two marriages, with, females, also with a high sex drive, that tied me up during most of my 30's, 40's, and up
to my mid 50's. I never had a problem with male sexual dysfunctiion, except, on some rare occasions, when I was too
intoxicated on booze, to maintain a erection, all before the age of 30.

I have physicals every year, since around age 50. My PSA count is unusually very, very low like, 0.04 percent, when, the average
PSA count for males in their 50's is usually around a 2.0 to a 2.5. I had a testosterone count done, in July 2015, and again, in
August of 2016, and, my lab results, were in the wide "normal range, but, were barely, inside, the normal range, for a 60 to 69
year old male, USA statistics, normal range (level) is from, 348 to 1,197 (ng/dL) My Testosterone Level was a 382, thus, my PCP
report, on forty tests on my blood sample, 6 months ago, showed, "i was technically in the normal range".

A 2nd test, with another medical group, the national "Lifeline Community Healthcare" showed a PSA count of less than 0.6 with a
reference range, from 0.0 to 4.0 mg/mL. (as a general statement, a low probability of prostate cancer) and, a Lab Corp report,
showed, by the same healthcare group, gave me a total testosterone level of 456 ng/dl (Reference range 348.0 to 1197.0) in
August of 2015, thus, considered, "normal".

I quit using finasteride, now, for, 18 months in a row, and, I see zero improvement in my libido, (sex drive), in other words, I never
get "horny" anymore. this has been the case, for at least the past 5+ full years in a row. I have been sexually abstinate, since, Feb
of 2006, that has been 10.5 years ago.

My only confession of self medicating, was, 6 months after my last Divorce, Oct 9, 2007, at age 57, when I was as horny as, any
18 to 24 year old, I began using, a low dose daily, of the narcotic analgesic, generic Percocet, size 5/325 tabs, taking 1/2 pill per day,
from age 57 for the next, 7 years in a row, never exceeding over 1 full tablet per 24 hours, with one exception, I took 4 tablets in
a 24 hour period, due to a Santa Fe New Mexico heat stroke, to avoid going to ER, and, I thought I was having a heart attack, the
pain was so intense, for about 24 hours. My DX at age 57, was, Plantar Facititis. Urgent Care, and my PCP would not dispence but
15 tabs twice on a one shot deal, so I procured, my supples of Mallincrodt generic 5mg oxycodone with 325 mg of APAP, thru, a
high school buddy, who had a long running prescription, for these pills, for exposure to Agent Orange in the Vietnam conflict, giving
him bladder cancer. He survived, and, no longer takes any oxycodone, thus, my Oxy source has been gone from this source, for
nearly 3 years. I do get on binges, about, 4 times a year, that last, from 3 weeks, to, my last binge, on OxyContin 20mg, beginning
in the year 2014, my longest binge, I just completed, lasted 97 days in a row of 20 mg of OxyContin, per day. Otherwise I have
abstained, due to high expense of OC's, for as long as 200 days at a time, most recently Oct 2015 to April of 2016.

I add this "confession" only because, I am aware that opiate users are notorious for having a low to non existent sex drive.

I still have a very full head of hair, but, I feel I paid a huge price for appearance purposes, as, the loss of my sex drive, now, 100%
over 5 years to 7 years ago, I blame the finasteride on, much, much more, than experimenting with Oxycodone, for most lately, a
desperate attempt to resolve, dysthymic disorder, to, progress, to a Major Depressive Episode.

The only other ethical USA pharmaceutical, I take, is 22.5 years continued use, of, either Dextroamphetamine x 10 mg per day, or
in the beginning, Adderall 10mg, x 4 times per day instant release, for DSM-IV 314.00 Attention Deficit Disorder, inattentive type, that
is supplied to me by a USA Psychiatrist, since June 28, 1994 + one 10 mg of Zolpidem tartrate, USA Ambien, outside USA, a/k/a as
Stilnox, or, Ivedal (SA) or Somit (Argentina) all in 10 mg doses for insomnia.


Oct 29, 2016
Even with that paper the odds of getting those types of issues is very low. There is always risk taking a drug and no one can really quantify what those are because no one knows. Medicine is a pretty inexact science really I mean even the paper says they have no idea what causes prostate cancer but things besides 5 ar are involved. They have no idea.
Some of the things in the paper like higher grade prostate cancer being linked to propecia are kind of reaching IMO. They dont have a lot of evidence that is the case because BPH happens even with low androgen levels primarily in older men who has lower androgen levels already. So its more them making guesses why that might be than proving anything
You can keep in mind in another few years there will be safer alternatives so taking propecia is not a must if its going slow.


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Oct 29, 2014
I'm on finasteride and another antiandrogen drug, and yet my sex drive is still higher than I would like it to be. But I am supplementing estrogen as well, so maybe that is what is fueling my sex drive.


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Jul 25, 2012
thumbs down to propecia. it caused me to have weak erections, and weak, weird orgasms. worst drug i've ever taken


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Oct 11, 2015
I also used it for awhile as well. I didn't notice any side effects but had limited use. I also know people who have used it for decades. My understanding as it does effect hormone product. Its effectively if you are trying to keep hair. New growth is limited.


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Dec 9, 2018
2% is a big risk in my opinion. I'm fairly certain I still have an unopened, expired box of it somewhere in the back of a moldy medicine cabinet.


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Oct 18, 2013
Before you start propecia or finasteride, get your bloodwork done. Full bloodwork, including testosterone, free testosterone and even DHT levels. Get thyroid testing. This will be your baseline.

After a few months of taking finasteride, get all that bloodwork done again. If your testosterone or DHT have been messed up, you should think about stopping finasteride.

Getting all the bloodwork is a hassle, but it's better than guessing about your hormones.


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Jan 27, 2012
propecia is NOT the full answer. There are a lot of side effects that come with taking that drug, especially when you try and come off of it.


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Jun 25, 2021
Propecia was the biggest mistake of my life. It ruined my brain chemistry for good, and only after 3 months of use. a2-reductase is has important functions in the brain. For certain individuals, propecia can cause persistent and irreversible depression (there is high quality recent literature on this -- let me know if you're interested). I am still suffering from it 5 years and counting.
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