New Otezla Customer Questions about the med

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Nov 6, 2011
I just started taking Otezla recently mainly for Psoriatic Arthritis and minor Psoriasis. I am in my 40's. I broke my ankle in late January and while recovering at home I had a breakout of Psoriasis on both of my upper legs. I saw a Dermatologist and the prescription Steroid cream she gave me worked well in about 4-6 weeks on the Psoriasis.

I was on vacation in early June and noticed minor muscle aches and joint pains mainly in the early morning hours. I visited a good Rheumatologist and she feels I have minor Psoriatic Arthritis and could benefit for 2 30mg Otezla tablets a day. I did the blood work and was approved for a $0 copay by my insurance company for the next year of Otezla. The side effects of the med and the disease sound god awful online! Any feedback from other members with these diseases or who are taking Otezla would be helpful and most appreciated.

Thanks Much!