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Inspector Lewis

Eminent member
Oct 14, 2011
Hi All,

Been some time since I posted so thought it was time to get back in to the fray.

We have been keeping our heads down (and masks on) in our attempt to avoid this awful Pandemic, so far so good.

My main reason for posting is to say that I have embarked on a crusade to reduce my medication intake.

1. Firstly I have tapered off my Pregablin entirely.

2. I am now almost finished tapering off Duloxatine (one hiccup when I tapered to quickly and suffered unpleasant side effects)

I am taking daily excircise (walking) and losing weight, and getting a little fitter.

My appetite has improved and wifey is making me eat vegitables!

I am managing to control my pain and discommfort with my usual pain med which my GP has increased slightly for me.

I am honestly feeling much better but my only concern is that I have some sort off reaction down the line some time?

I would like to take the oppurtunity to wish everybody the best of health during these worrying times and please take every measure to ensure you dont catch this disease that is affecting us all.

Kind Regards

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