Possible new vendor of modafinil: afinil.eu

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Mr. Goodbar

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Aug 17, 2016
Hmmm - seems they are back online again, this time under the guise of afinil dot com.... the site also appears associated with dinosupplies dot store (at least you are re-directed to the latter for certain shipping inquiries). So I placed an order in advance of another pending worldwide lockdown because the Spring lockdown cost me dearly when I had to buy emergency supplies out of limited inventory from another site. This site ships to the EU although there is a large cost for that. But prices should be quite reasonable if you live in the UK. They ship to the EU, Australia, NZ, the US and other places but importantly (at least for people living in the EU), the product is not shipped from India or Thailand, although some of their product naturally is manufactured in India.

@frechulfus - everything old is new again....
@pinkflower - perhaps worthwhile info for your bourgeoning library of sources; in any case I hope all is well down under. Time to stock up for another lockdown...?