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Random Thoughts

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Oct 29, 2022
Interesting to look back at the first 200 pages of this thread, people used to actually chat in here, vs Vendors threads ;)
@ToadLix - People seem to chat more in the specific vendor threads or through private messages (PMs) now.

There were times where the conversations got out of hand. Some people were offended and left, others complained and reported others. I think a few members even got banned. So, slowly people quit posting personal or derogatory info here........ and the thread kinda died.

If you want - there are other threads, like the "basement lounge" where you can go. I believe there is also a "NSFW Random Thoughts" thread in the senior area...... but it seems to have died for the same reasons.

This thread is in the open part of the forum.... so, it makes sense to keep it positive and clean. :)

I couldn't find a NSFW Random Thoughts thread when I used the forum search function. Personally I'd like a random thoughts thread that wasn't full of images because they take so long to load and scroll through, and it would be interesting to hear what's going on in everyone's heads, for better or worse. :LOL:
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