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Apr 24, 2014
So, I'm pretty new to the internet pharmacy thing. I have thoroughly read through rxstars.net and rxlogs.net websites, and they seem somewhat illegitimate. I even tried to research the reviewers that are listed as authors of the reviews. Nothing comes up on either one. So, my question is, has anyone ever used either of these sites as a valuable source of information?


Sep 6, 2014
Both of them are made by the same guy and they are bogus. All reviews which are mentioned there are generated spun-articles made by WordAI a SEO-Article generator. But beside that fact, it is never trustful to buy from an online pharmacy which have just ONE review by ONE guy which has reviewed about hundred other online pharmacies. Even if these reviews are real he just made ONE purchase but he lists up his review for maybe years. Nobody can tell you how the services and quality of products have changed when you place an order. The only thing to rely on (more or less) are reviews made by many different people for a long time period. But even then you can make bad experiences even when the risk is lower.
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