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starting zoloft can i cut the dosage down?

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Apr 23, 2007
starting zoloft can i cut the dosage down

I was taking zoloft for about 3 days my doctor put me on 50 mil I was afraid to take that much so i took 25 mil I just didnt feel right so i stopped taking it but my anxiety is getting worse so i wanted to try it again could i cut it in fours and start out on 12 mil then go up from there my doctor said it was ok to cut in half but i dont know if i could even lower?


Sep 22, 2007
Try the 1/2 again. Don't know what not feeling right means, but you should talk to your Doc. Maybe he'll put you on something else. In the meantime your wasting time to feeling better. Antidepressants can take as long as 4 weeks to get to the blood level they need to be to make a difference.

Also if you speak with your Doc he might change the time you take the meds so you won't feel weird.

Sometimes it's scary thinking about taking meds at 1st.

Hope you feel better soon.
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