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The Merry Christmas Thread!

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Keith K Stone

Renowned member
Apr 27, 2011
Merry Friggin' Christmas My PR Family!:...:rofl:

Pssst.....The Basement Lounge is officially OPEN & awaiting the first wave
of guests.

I sincerely hope everyone received their airline tickets, (First Class?)

OOPS.... Gottta go, the 1st guests have arrived
Well I'll be gosh darned I do believe it is our famous PR Duo,
@Carter & @H20shed65

False alarm, just a couple of my friends from the Feds.

They be cool, they brought the XXX Shine. ( An old Popcorn Sutton recipe)

[color='invisible_dot'].[/color] ....
[color='invisible_dot'].[/color] .....Looks Like @snowy has just arrived :giggle:......PARTY!.....
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Exalted member
Jul 21, 2013
happy holidays everyone!!! grandkids are super excited but i am so ready to get it over with. (my granddaughter keeps singing, "you're a mean one, ajit pai" to the tune of the grinch song). let's hope the new year brings better health and better healthcare to us all.


Eminent member
Aug 22, 2015
I just spent Christmas Eve with a large group of mostly rather elderly, extended family. "Aunt Linda," age 98, passed this one around and she got the last laugh:
chest and nuts.jpg

May I be as alert and feisty when/if I get to be her age!!

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate this holiday, and best wishes for a wonderful new year to everyone!!!



Exalted member
May 1, 2011
Once again - a dollar short and a day late.................

To my friends here who are as good as real family, a warm belated Merry Christmas - I truly hope you all had a wonderful time. Now for a deep moment:

Well, not that deep - but as one who has no family, my friends are the closest thing I have to it. Like the phrase "you can pick you friends, not your family" I have a handful of close friends in life who I can talk to and are there for me, and I for them.

In this functionally dysfunctional environment of the forum I have my friends, some closer than others yet all are caring, have the concern, respect and love for each other.

Be honest and straight and get the same back, and I cherish it. That is the beauty of the forum, we look after each other - in good times and not so good are there for each other.

Even the chap shots and provoking that some do and play the who me game :itwasntme:(wonder who that might be @snowy, not that you ever would do that....), it's all concern, love and friendship and I love every minute of it.

Again - to all may you have a wonderful new years and may 2018 bring all things good
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