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The Song Game...

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Zen_Life II

Distinguished member
May 23, 2020
Hey everyone - Please remember to check out the rules before posting if new to the game or it has been awhile since you've played along. I think we all enjoy having as many people participate as want to (keeps us from using the same old songs :)). We have experienced some delays that have resulted in errors, the rules say that at least 1 word from the song listed must be included in the subsequent post. Thanks - it helps keep the game going for everyone and avoids confusion.

For those new to the game, what @scottodono was pointing out in post #20822 is that in post 20819, we went from Bat out of Hell to American Woman. Post 20820 should have included 1 of the following words - "Bat" "out" "of" "Hell." It didn't and so we kept on going after the mistaken post. No big deal, it happens. Just please try and be aware because it is frustrating to those of us trying to keep up. Thanks! :heart:

Gypsy Road ~ Cinderella
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