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Delta L1011

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Oct 6, 2011
Something About You - Boston
@Selfhelp " I like that song, (see above" post #39,144, as all of the songs on "Boston Vinyl LP" #34188 (1976) EPIC/ CBS Records..
especially the Album cover, with what appears like a "flying saucer" (top center of LP" & 2 more of them, in
the background !! I sure do miss the creative expression that was so widely used on so many vinyl LP's from
the last 1960's to maybe the end of the 20th century, (late 90's). LOL !!

the cover of my LP "Boston" with "More Than A Feeling" side one song one, & paper insert has faded a bit over time,
but, the 33 1/3 LP vinyl record itself is at least a "Very Good" if not "near Mint". Not bad, for a LP I have had since the
year late 1976 and/or in early 1977. Boston's 1st album (I describe) was on the Bill Board Top 40 LP charts for 49 weeks
in row, beginning the week of 16 October 1976 !!! (a Platinum RIAA Certified album that sold over one million copies) !!!
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May 23, 2021
@Delta L1011
Interesting trivia about Boston’s debut. Tom Scholz, while also an engineering student at MIT, wrote everything, and when he got his record deal, the label insisted on using session musicians on the actual release. Scholz reluctantly agreed. He hated the results, and ended up re-recording the whole thing himself, on every instrument, except lead vocals, which was Brad Delp. So that ground breaking classic is ALL Tom Scholz.
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