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USA Physician's Desk Reference, past 4 yrs gone down the tubes !

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Delta L1011

Eminent member
Oct 6, 2011
Hello Pharmacy-Reviewer members,
I with great sadness, feel the obligation to report, that, the "PDR" published since the 1st
edition, in 1947, and, often in slang, is referred as the USA "doctors bible" has gone thru
radical changes, since the the 65th annual edition, that was for the year 2011.

IMHO, I can compare as, I have had a ongoing subscription for PDR since the year 1977, to
the present, and, frankly, I have two invitations, in front of me, as a so called loyal customer,
to get the 2017 PDR, (Physicians Desk Reference), for a discounted price, from USA retail
$110.70 S&H included, for, a radically reduced price, from, the publisher, PDR, LLC, Montvale,
New Jersey, for only, $59.95 including free S&H, when the 71st edition, for year 2017, is printed,
as customary, around late November, early December of this year. "I don't want it anymore"

Here is my sadness, and mild anger, I have 17 (seventeen PDR's) in my study, dating from the year
1966 up to the year 2013. I also have the 2011, and more editions, at my advanced aging parents
home. This is the huge change IMHO.................................

Beginning around the year 1998, 52nd edition, the PDR, contained, 3,223 pages of all ethical
pharmaceuticals, that, the overwhelming majority of USA manufacturers IMHO anxiously advertised
all of their product offerings in fine detail....I assume the individual pharma firms paid for the advertising
to be in the very well known PDR, in nearly every MD's personal office, since I was in high school. Only
brand "orphan drugs" and generic drugs, were absent, since I purchased my first brand new one in the
year 1977. I have 1966, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973 PDR's I purchased used, for historical purposes, back
in the day. The last of the big fat ones, with most all ethical drugs and pictures in color, are selling
briskly by internet vendors, that were published the last five good years, 2007 to 2011, not sure about
year 2012, at often much higher prices, than one would expect, the 2013 to 2016 prices are often very
inexpensive, and customers who bought them want to get rid of them, due to a lack of product info.
Even my 1985 PDR has 3,060 pages, of pharma data, more than the 2013 skimpy PDR. Edition 67.

By the year 2002, the book kept increasing in weight and size, thus, by the year 2002, edition 56, the
page count, exceeded 3,000 pages of ethical pharmaceuticals made in the USA, the actual pages in
the 56th edition contained, 3,634 pages of very detailed pharmacology information, on the A to Z of
USA manufactured drugs, approved by the USA FDA. Of course, all DEA class codes, if any.

SOME MAJOR CHANGES AFTER THE 2011 PRINTING OF PDR, as, I counted over 3.500 pages of drug
info, in that 65th annual edition, (I recently loaned to my parents, who live 56 miles away from me RT).

The 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, editions, that being, the 67th, 68th, 69th, 70th editions, have now over
one thousand pages less, in those PDR's. I perceive, a massive boycott, from many major USA pharma

Examples, comparing, the 2007 PDR, with, 3,536 pages of traditional pharmaceutical manufacturer's
information, covering, the 61st edition, with over 4,000 trade names of prescription only drugs, a/k/a
Brand Names, "115 different pharmaceutical manufacturers" with, thirty five (35) pages in living color
of close range pictures of most manufacturer's pills, dispenser packs, nasal sprays, cream suspensions,
close range oral solution bottles, etc. for product identification, complete with USA pill, tablet, capsule
ID numbers.

By the year 2013, these mega multi national pharmaceutical firms, some based exclusively in the USA,
others with USA divisions with manufacturing facilities, inside the USA borders were boycotting the PDR
the 67th edition, and forward to the current, 70th edition, for this calendar year 2016. The list of
manufacturers has was reduced in two years, from 2011 to 2013, from 115 pharma firms, to, a skimpy
sixty ethical pharmaceutical manufacturers !!! (from 115 to 60 manufacturers) the color pages of the
pill ID pages dropped from 35 pages to 13 pages !!!

Here is a list of major manufacturer's I choose the word "boycotting" the PDR, that, as most of these
firms are still very much in business, but are just not advertising either of two ways>>>
They only advertise the products they choose to promote, or, they completely boycott, the PDR !!!

Examples, from 2007 and 2011, I believe the last reliable PDR, to the 2013 to 2016 PDR's "Skimpy"

Roche Pharmaceuticals, 340 Kingland Street, Nutley NJ 07110 USA totally boycotting PDR 26 products
Roche Products, a/k/a Roche Labs, Manati, Puerto Rico, 00674, totally boycotting PDR 1 product Valium.

Pfizer,Inc, 235 East 42nd St. NY NY 10017-5755 "The world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturer"
totally boycotting the PDR since at least the year 2013, and forward, including their huge wholly owned
subsidiaries, of Pharmacia and Upjohn divisions, "reducing their total products in production for
advertising in the 2013 PDR from 99 products, in year 2007, to 26 products, in year 2011, to only,
8 products described, in the 2013 PDR !!! Divisions Pharmacia and Upjohn and G.D Searle, divisions,
only list a one line name with some Pfizer products, 99 count, with no product description, nor any
pictures of these products. What goes here ???

Ovation Pharma, 7 products advertised in 2011 PDR, totally boycotting PDR 2013, and apparently all
editons since then....of the 7 products in the 2007 vs 2011 PDR's their legendary "Desoxyn" was
heavily advertised, (methamphetamine) 5 mg tabs, they paid a small fortune to buy the patent from
Abbott Labs in the year 1999.

Novartis, "not all ethical pharmaceuticals now advertised, including their division of Sandoz Pharma,
also, the Novartis division of Ciba-Geneva divisions of Novartis, are advertised.

Sanofi Another boycott, with a massive absence of their USA product inventory, listing only a
limited number of Sanofi Aventis, and Sanofi Pasteur division products.

Al Pharma Boycott since 2013, with their Kadian morphine sulfate SR products

Cephanon Total boycott of their products, 6 products in 2007, including "Provigil" (modafinal)

Endo Total boycott of their entire product line, including famous, Hycodan, Opana, Opana ER,
Percodan, Percocet, Zydone, and 6 more products !!!

Eli Lilly & Co. In 2007 PDR 11 products advertised, in 2013, either a boycott, or, perhaps, who, knows
out of business???

Watson Labs of Corona California, this is a rare listing, of a 90% once all generic firm with 10% of
their inventory, brand/trade name under patent, as PDR very, very rarely lists a generic pharma firm,
this was their status in 2007 PDR 61st edition, 97 generic products listed, 16 products listed as "Brand"
as most consumers now know, Actavis a large respected USA manufacturer of a majority of generic
products, overwhelmingly so, bought out 100% of, the outstanding quality of the now former, Watson
Labs, about 3 to 4 years ago. PDR's for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 no longer list either firm.

In conclusion, just read www.amazon.com in the book reviews, and type in the search engine within
Amazon's web page, and one will read of many dis-enchanted, to actually angry customers, who
purchased either a brand new PDR since the year 2011, IMHO the last reliable reference source, to
Amazon consumer's who purchased, well preserved used PDR's from years 2013, 2014, 2015, and,
frankly the 70th edition of PDR, are in very abundant supplies, brand new in shrink wrap, possibly a
oversupply, (I wonder why) apparently the secret is fast escaping, that, the PDR, can no longer be
exclusively relied upon, as if now carries, only what appears to be at best from 50% to 66 2/3 % of
ethical pharmaceuticals, at best, ..............at worst, less barely 50% of available traditional brand name
drugs, with highly detailed product descriptions, fit for a medical professional to make a informed
intelligent decision, on availability of ethical pharmaceuticals, on the market, in the USA.

I have purchased my last PDR I am 90% sure in my lifetime, it is not worth even a discounted $59.95
to me anymore, I rely for now, on my older editions of PDR beginning with 2011 backward to my 2007,
and if necessary, back to my 1990's, 1980's, 1970's, and 1960's PDR's that have formerly all brand
products, that are in the here and now long been manufactured by USA generic firms, but the product
information, such as on, USA Miltown, USA Xanax, USA, Percocet, USA, Ambien, USA, Adderall Instant
Release, USA Ritalin, USA, Elavil, USA, Inderal, USA, Roche Klonopin, USA, Restoril, is still in the older
PDR's of only 5 years ago, to digging back to 40+ years ago, due to my library of resources, I have kept
for 4 decades.

The 1960's PDR's and early 1970's PDR's I purchased from high ranking re-sellers like on E-Bay, or,
Amazon.com or Powellsbooks, or Abebooks re-sellers, for historical purposes.

In the here and now only the very expensive Martindale is up to date, with all ethical pharmaceuticals, in
proprietary/trade names for the USA and 42 other countries, for a list price I paid of US nearly $450.00
+ shipping of a 6.6 Kilogram weight of 4,500 pages of a 2 volume set of books for the 2015 edition.

PDR has IMHO gone thru several management changes, in the past 8 years, of the PDR that began in
the year 1947, published annually, and at one time was not easy to obtain, "for me" back in the
1970's. IMHO the credit- ability has just gone down the tubes fast since 2013. I do not have the 2012
edition, thus, My latest "fat" PDR was in the year 2011, one thousand pages thicker, and with over twice
the manufacturers represented, compared to the 2013 version. That sucks.


Famous PRer
Apr 27, 2012

I'm afraid in the Internet Age and Electronic Medical Records as well as e-prescribing everyone I know in medicine subscribes to Truven Analytics MicroMedex Online Resource for looking up manufacturers, meds, Professional Monographs and pill images. It's NOT cheap, but in this day and age where Pharma Co.'s Merge, License or outright sell their API's to Generic Manufacturers having an up to date reference is truly invaluable.


Jun 11, 2014

I'm afraid in the Internet Age and Electronic Medical Records as well as e-prescribing everyone I know in medicine subscribes to Truven Analytics MicroMedex Online Resource for looking up manufacturers, meds, Professional Monographs and pill images. It's NOT cheap, but in this day and age where Pharma Co.'s Merge, License or outright sell their API's to Generic Manufacturers having an up to date reference is truly invaluable.

So true. :nod:

However @H20shed65 in keeping with tradition, it probably is your fault the PDR is no longer the 'bible' it was and online sources are preferred as being more up-to-date and accurate. :rofl:

Delta L1011

Eminent member
Oct 6, 2011

I'm afraid in the Internet Age and Electronic Medical Records as well as e-prescribing everyone I know in medicine subscribes to Truven Analytics MicroMedex Online Resource for looking up manufacturers, meds, Professional Monographs and pill images. It's NOT cheap, but in this day and age where Pharma Co.'s Merge, License or outright sell their API's to Generic Manufacturers having an up to date reference is truly invaluable.

Thank you for this reference source: I have been removed from the "inside loop" of the medical profession, geez, I guess, it is
approaching nine (9) years in a row, since my wife, a RN, who I spent a very long time married to. I still miss, the huge wall of
Nursing School textbook's that once lined our living room, I used to ponder into. I also miss having her employee ID card that
I used many a Saturday, reading many, many medical Journals, such as the New England Journal of Medicine, The Brown
University Psychopharmacology Update, International Drug Therapy Update, Harvard Medical School Mental Health Letter,
American Journal of Psychiatry, Managing Chronic Behavioral Disorders, Measuring Outcomes: A Desktop reference for
Behavioral Health Care Providers, The Brown University Geriatric Psychopharmacology Update, Alcohol Drug Abuse Weekly,
Mental Health Weekly, Journal of Personality Assessment, also, Journal of Personality Disorders, Canadian Journal of Psychiatry,
etc etc etc, (back even 20 years ago, the annual cost per Journal retail, was from $200.00 to $300.00 per journal, and, I
saw the digital, electronic revolution, taking shape, about 10 years ago, as gradually, these Journals were replaced by online
prescription only journals, only bona fide need to know health care professionals, such as M.D's to RN's to LPN's had access to,
@ my ex-wife's employer, the largest medical center, hospital with a heliport, between Washington DC and Atlanta GA.

I had access to this massive library, sort of a industry secret, to the general public, but in the old days I could just walk in and
enjoy flipping through what appeared to be about one hundred Journal subscriptions, and, later on, needed my ex-wife's
employee card, to, plug into one of many, many computers, to access the Journals online, such, as the "reference you so
kindly provided". That is no longer a option for me, stopped cold in my tracks, due to Divorce, and, her moving far, far away
in geographic location. I am too lazy or un-motivated, to, go to way across town to a branch of a major University library, as,
my sister, a Ph.D from yet another state, tells me, she is no longer able to go online, as she is no longer a student, nor a
University professor Part Time, thus, has no access to the medical or law school libraries, of University of New Mexico, where she
graduated from and once was a staff member, teaching, undergraduate students..................another former source gone,

My go to source, for my needs, are simply www.pubmed.com "medline" or "medscape" for surfing the internet. Also,

PDR does offer, for 2017, a monthly update, only online, to, still, IMHO, a increasingly limited updating source of pharmaceutical
information, as it updates the 2016, or 2017, "downsized" PDR. I forecast, will, go online altogether, if they do not just fold up !
REDBOOK began this, 6 years ago, after 114 years in a row, of publishing, "Pharmacy's Fundamental Reference" and, as you
suggested, the price, "may go up a bit". (It went up in price vastly, as I have already complained, in another area of posting, on
this forum, going digital all the way, also with monthly updates or quarterly updates, etc. etc. (publisher, PDR Network, LLC,
distributed by Thomson Reuters (Healthcare)

Again, I do appreciate the tip, as I know your career is in the active medical profession. Your brief assessment was spot on.

I received, what may be my last set of Martindale The Complete Drug Reference, a/k/a The Extra Pharmacopoeia, published
by Pharmaceutical Press on authority of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, for over 130 years, as apparently,
the publisher is overstocked in inventory of the 2015 edition, edition 38, double audited before press time February of 2014,
and their movement in the year 2005, to publishing the now two set of 4,596 pages of data collection of ethical pharmaceuticals,
available, by proprietary trademark name, now includes 43 countries of the industrialized world, and, electronic updates are
available, for a optional price. My gut level feeling is the 6.6 Kilogram weight of the books, may, go also completely online,
perhaps within this decade, if not within 10 years, or less. Many wholesalers, are offering this book in shrink-wrap, brand new,
still with the electronic update package, or, without the electronic update package, via online internet, and, this book is already
in print version two (2) years old, and, the last 38th edition, was, released, with a very wide gap, from the 37th edition, for
year 2011, with final audit before printing in October of 2010. Thus, a gap, of 40 months+ between publishing dates.
Retail price $795.00 GBP. I did some online shopping, and got the books, for $450.00 US , including two day Fed Ex delivery, to
my residence, on impulse, but, in hindsight, not a huge significant difference, from Martindale 37th edition, or even, Martindale,
36th edition, for year 2009, double audit date, October of 2008. It has grown from 1993's 14 countries of the modern industrialized
world, published every 3 years, to, 21 years later, having 43 countries, in the book, adding Japan and China, in the newer editions.
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