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What made you smile today?

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Santa's little helper

Exalted member
Feb 24, 2020
Hi Katie bear ;-):flower:
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Senior member
Nov 21, 2016
Remembering it’s only 3 and a half weeks until my next holiday. It’s only a short one (4 nights) but my favourite place and for New Year. I haven’t been out for New Year in such a long time because I don’t like to leave my mum and dad alone at such times. This year I get to go out and celebrate in the pub, with them also (and the locals who I’ve come to know, including the guy I’m crazy about 🥰) and my dog Loki, in my favourite place. Right by the sea, watching the waves with a cheeky wine in hand. Perfection! :)
Can’t wait to be sat right by here!

David L. Hunt

Senior member
Dec 6, 2021
When i accidently hear my parents praising me. I smile then i walk up to them and ask them innocently. Did you just call me ? I think i just heard you guys taking my name. They join my drama as they tell me, Oh no no! We did not call you. You must be hearing voices! and then we all laugh together as a happy family ! I smile

Delta L1011

Eminent member
Oct 6, 2011
I finally received, my "English 33 page copy" of visual aid and instruction manual, to use, my brand new,
HTF TEAC CORP. (Model # LPR-520) for my unit (that will convert, any 45 RPM, 33 1/3 RPM & 78 RPM
vinyl record + a audio cassette, or a AM/FM radio (all built in one unit) to convert all to a Compact Disc (CD) !!

I ordered the original unit all the way from Teac Corp, (Tokyo, Japan) about 6 months ago, but, the instructions,
were either printed in Japanese, or, in Spanish, & I don't read or speak Japanese, or, have a bit of Spanish that
I can read, but not near enough to have proficiency, in Spanish, in communication or, reading.

The hft TEAC unit is far more advanced and much higher quality imo, than the Crosby (much lesser expensive unit)
and does not have all the features the TEAC LPR-520 has.
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