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What series have you binge watched lately?

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Senior member
Dec 3, 2016
Been watching the Legacies on Netflix again has been interesting the second time around maybe the third time but I like 😎


Honorable member
Feb 15, 2017
I'm in the middle of a bit of a binge watch of Netflix's Dahmer.

I agree with the earlier post that mentions he's given a slightly sympathetic portrayal. I"m currently on Episode 5, so about half way through. I'm not sure if it's an intended audience reaction I'm feeling - but the whole show kind of leaves me cold. Although it's clearly a quality production - well acted, scripted and filmed.

Also on Netflix is the documentary Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes, which looks like it might be a good companion piece so I might give it a go after I've finished with Dahmer.

Although maybe by that point, I would have had enough of the appetites of murderous nut jobs and it'll be time to find a light-hearted comedy.


Honorable member
Dec 20, 2011
@ck197 The handmaid's Tale is good, but so creepy. The ones in charge are so cruel. That Aunt Lydia OMG, the worst. I wanted to murder her. I haven't watched the latest ones. Maybe this winter.
Yes she is!! I never thought I would like the show but now it is one of my favorites. I do not like having to wait a week between the episodes though! Watching them all together is so much better!

Davey Crockett

Senior member
Sep 4, 2022
Sad to say Dahmer, lady at work told me to give it a try. Wish I had not. I like feel good shows, or comedies and documentaries. I guess Dahmer is kind of a documentary. DC


Senior member
Apr 10, 2013
Currently binging old school with Boston Legal, House and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Delta L1011

Exalted member
Oct 6, 2011
I continue to watch the B&W TV series, originally on USA Free TV (1962 to 1967) of "Combat" with
Rick Jason & Vic Morrow. I watch them "free" on you tube, as most all episodes, are now available
(approximately, 150+ one hour episodes, on youtube with no commercials. As my Dad, & 2 Uncles,
both were on Active Duty in WWII, and/or shortly there after. imho, absolutely best TV drama, about
the trials & tribulations of marching thru France, after the Normandy Invasion, where one of my 2 Uncles,
was killed @Omaha Beach, during the landings of Normandy, France.

I was spared the Vietnam War, with service in both the USAF & the Air National Guard.


Nov 19, 2022
I watched the first Season of Warrior Nuns when it came out. It was renewed, but then cancelled during Covid, but then Netflix changed it's mind again. The second season is on at the moment. It's fantasy/sc-fi/drama, and quite funny in parts. I recommend it for some light watching.

HTH :)


Senior member
Aug 17, 2022
Started my N'th rewatch of House M.D. It's my favourite TV show without a doubt. What's cool is how I understand more and more of the medical jargon every time I rewatch. That I find is a combination of my personal self-education and professional education at university. I find it really interesting and I always pick up new stuff even on the 8th rewatch. I know people say the style gets boring but I love his personal life development during the show.
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