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Yellow Pill V 3601

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Eminent member
Mar 26, 2011
I got these as a sample from a reputable vendor. Of course V3601 were known as the yellow "banana" 10mg hydrocodone with 325 of acetaminophen... But I thought they quit making them?

Does anyone know? From the images... and the snap I got when I broke one in half. They are exactly legit. I took a flashlight and can see some barely noticeable whiteness in there... But honestly its been so long I can't remember if that was part of the legit ones also. These would be the best fakes I have ever seen if they are.

I do not have a test strip but am ordering one. I just wanted to know... do they even make these anymore? I swear they don't...



That Snail Is Fast
Apr 13, 2019
@cajunbulldog @Azzamean I remember something about those that indicated counterfeit.maybe the 36 01the way it was. But in any event they could have improved the presses by now to match them.
Did you try and check in the mfg still has them listed as something they make.
the counterfeit ones were rumored to have Tram in them instead of what you mentioned. let us know what your thoughts are on these.

oh here ya go some clues on spotting in this link


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Dec 27, 2019
I think you are right about them being discontinued. If you got them from who I think you did, then it’s possible someone had a stockpile of well preserved meds, and was waiting to sell them for a rainy day or when inflation was at all time high 🫠

Doesn’t hurt to do a taste test. By now you know what hydros should taste like. And do a small sample if the taste is alright.

Let us know ?
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