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I work with HHS now after a long career as a Fisheries Biologist that ruined my shoulders, back and wrists with the constant reaching and lifting large nets of fish. HHS work can be rewarding at times but is all to often a sad, low paying paying thankless job. Not to be a downer as I love all outdoor activities with bowhunting Whitetail deer my passion! I live on it, eating 4-6 venison meals a week.
Thankyou for allowing me to join your group. I belong to 1 other group that I am pretty familiar with and I see you have alot of the same rules. I need to explore the forum.Everyone have a really nice day.
oh hey mods do something for me..........sorry... being sarcastic because folks ask you all the time , to do something for them
Hey Mods, Omega_Human needs a password reset link that arrives at his email address, would like to be smart, secure and safe about it.
Oh dear. I don't post for a few weeks and I'm kicked out... trying to clamber my way back into senior status now. Again!
New to here freind from Reddit suggested any point in the right direction I have ADHD and bad anxiety
From what gather, nobody is going to tell you what site you should go too cause that’s breaking the rules. Read as much as you can and hopefully things will help you. But your not going to get a freebie when all these people did so much work to get where they are. You have to work for it.
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