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Lortab and Migraines

This is my experience with Lortab. Hope it helps.

I have had debilitating migraine headaches for many years. Unfortunately I'm one of the few who are allergic to Imitrex and similar meds - I had a severe reaction to it. My doctor has prescribed Lortab 7.5mg with 325mg of acetaminophen for pain. Flashing lights and vision changes are my first clue a migraine is coming. If I take one Lortab as soon as this starts, I can rest in a quiet dark place for 30-60 minutes and usually fight the migraine off. If I don't take this med quickly at the first sign, it develops into a major problem and takes more medicine to work. I've had migraines last for 4 days without any relief until I had to go to ER and get a shot of strong narcotic to relieve my agony.
For me, having my doctor prescribe Lortab saves me many days of misery. I'm glad to have a doctor who understands my problems and trusts me enough to prescribe it for me.

Side effects I noticed: Dry mouth, sometimes nausea (but migraines also cause nausea, so hard to judge how much is the medicine and how much the headache?). Sometimes due to stress, weather, or ? I may have several days in a row where I have to take the med to fight off migraines - when this happens the Lortab causes constipation. Those are the only side effects I've noticed and they are nothing compared to the agony of a full-blown migraine that won't go away for days.

I watch amount of acetaminophen I'm taking when I must take this med for pain, like all other products with acetaminophen in them, after reading a lot of bad stuff about too much acetaminophen damaging the liver.

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